Guys Spot Strange Pipes In The Woods But They Didn’t Expect To Find THIS Hidden Door Leading Underground!

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When you go hiking, you never know what you might find. When two men in Germany were hiking in the fields, they made an incredible discovery! They first noticed a couple of pipes sticking up out of the ground. Looking around more, they discovered a hidden door covered in the underbrush. They decided to look inside.

Behind the door was a metal grate. The men were a little cautious to go past it. However, the lock had already been broken off and so they decided to continue down. Going down some stairs, the men entered a long concrete hallway resembling a hallway in a hospital. The hallway was completely empty except for two things: an old shopping bad and a metal pipe.

While there were many adjacent hallways to the one the men had entered, they decided to continue down the main one to avoid getting lost. The walls were mostly in good condition except for one that looked like it had been hit with a hammer.

In one of the offshoot hallways, they found a narrow hole in the floor filled with dirty water. Even further down the hallway was an intersection. The floor had been broken up into bricks and there was disturbing graffiti covering the walls. The men were clearly not the first to discover these catacombs.

Next, the men discovered a yellow door that had been taken off its hinges. This perplexed the men because the door was extremely heavy resembling a door used in a bank vault. On the door were Slavic letters that read “Exit #2.”

They went a little further and discovered another door that had been graffitied as well. The graffiti read, “Satan I Love You.” That was too much for the men and they headed back the way they had come. The reason for the tunnels’ presence remains unknown at this time.

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