Baby Began Acting Very Weird. But Then Their Hidden Baby Cam Captured THIS Nanny Doing the UNTHINKABLE!

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When becoming a parent for the first time there is just no way to know what you are getting yourself into until you do it. Yes it’s true no baby is exactly the same and you always have to be ready for the most unexpected. It doesn’t matter how many parenting books you have read, classes you’ve gone to, or even words of wisdom from friends and family who have already had children. This is just one of the many things in life that you must do even if you have no clue what you are doing..

This brings us to today’s story featuring the Mateny family Whitney and Chris, their new baby Railee, and the baby’s nanny Medina. They were living in Arkansas where Whitney was attending law school and fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. This made things pretty tough considering they just had their first baby, law school is all time consuming and Chris has a full time job to support his family. So like many other new parents who have to work on top of being a parent, a little back help from a reliable baby sister or a nanny is always ideal.

Whitney put out a post on her social media explaining how they were looking for a nanny who could take care of their 1 year old baby while they were at work. She got a pretty quick response from an old acquaintance Medina from high school. She was a bit happy that the nanny would be somebody she knew but at the same time her maternal instincts just could come to terms with leaving their baby alone with a stranger.

They decided before they hired her, they would do their due diligence and do all the necessary background checks to make sure their beautiful baby would be in good hands. She passed all the background checks and had a great reference so they hired her. At first everything between baby Railee and Medina was happy, loving and they just seemed to hit it off immediately. However, soon after mom noticed that the baby began to act really weird.

Every time the baby would see Medina she would cry and throw a fit. This concerned mom, so she brought Railee to the doctor who after careful examination said her strange behavior was most likely due to child separation anxiety so it seemed like the problem may have been targeted and now they could figure out how to ease this “separation anxiety” so that Railee would become so hysterical. After the doctors appointment mom then noticed Railee was sleeping for way too many hours during the day even for a 1 year old.

She always used to take 2 hour naps but now each nap bordered on anywhere between 4-6 hours. The Mateny family now was getting pretty concerned, so they decided to put a hidden baby cam in Railee’s room to see if Medina was doing anything weird to make their adorable baby act weird.

The day they picked up the video camera, they set it up in place so that the whole room would be visible. After work she quickly ran home to see if the footage picked up anything strange, weird or out of the ordinary. When she went into the baby’s room she immediately saw the camera had been turned around so it was facing the wall. She quickly grabbed and reviewed any footage it captured and oh boy did it catch some footage. What the video revealed was so much worse then the Mateny family could ever exist..

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Mommy Heard a Strange Voice Say ‘Wake Up Baby’ On The Baby Monitor. But She Soon Realizes The Bone-Chilling Truth!

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In today’s world technology surrounds us in every corner of our life. From our smart phones, smart tvs, computers, alexas, video games, apps, bluetooths, wifi and everything else that comes with modern technology it’s hard to ignore. Sometimes we get so caught up in all the new flashy bells and whistles of a technology that we forget what life was like before tech took over. For the most part, the technologies we use everyday are there to make our lives easier however, sometimes they can turn on us and make our lives 1000’s times more difficult.

In today’s highlighted story we will focus in on a couple from Cincinnati, Ohio who had just had their first baby. Like many new parents in their position they went ahead and purchased a brand new state of the art baby monitor so that they could make sure their little toddler stayed safe. Many parents also feel guilty leaving their child alone so the baby monitor is a great tool to have so that even when you aren’t physically with your baby, you can keep track of them while you do adult stuff.

Also, many toddlers can be a tad mischievous as they are just learning to walk around and their minds are analyzing and trying to understand everything in their new world. While this is a completely and healthy behavior for a toddler, sometimes this curiosity can lead accidents.

One evening, mom and dad put their baby to bed. They tucked her in tight, read her some bed time stories, sang some lullabies and the baby peacefully fell asleep. They then went into their room to get some much needed rest before work the next day. Little did they know something unthinkable was about to occur.

The couple was super exhausted and fell asleep just as their head hit the pillows. Then, the mother woke up an hour or two later because she heard a strange sound on the baby monitor. Being that she was half asleep and a bit out of it she though it was probably just daddy checking on the baby. But when she turned around in the bed she saw her husband peacefully sleeping in dreamland.

Then the sound stopped for a minute or two and she honestly questioned if she was dreaming or possibly even hallucinating. After about two minutes the odd noise was back but it was much more clear this time. She distinctly heard the words ‘wake up baby’ through the baby monitor! Her heart dropped into her stomach in pure fear, the hair on her arms stood up and she was shaken to the core of her soul.

She rolled over and began shaking her husbands shoulder to get him up immediately. She told him she believed somebody was possibly in the babies nursery because she had heard a super creepy voice over the monitor. On their phone app one of the great features is being able to control the video pans and audio levels inside the babies room.

They looked at the monitor in the room from their baby monitor phone app and saw that nobody was in the room with the baby girl.  They felt a sense of relief, however the camera then moved without either of them touching it. The camera was panning and swinging shots wildly all around the room….

Now they knew something sinister was definitely going on inside the baby’s room so dad jumped out of bed as fast as he could and sprinted to the nursery. When he got in there again felt a sigh of relief when he saw his darling baby girl fast asleep and no stranger was in the room with her. However, seconds later the baby monitor camera focused in on dad and began aggressively speaking to him, saying disgusting things and many profanities.

Dad quickly ripped the baby monitor out of the wall and smashed it into the wall. He had no clue what was happening but he wasn’t about to take any chances…. What was happening? Who was this man speaking to him and his child? How would this ever even be possible? He had no answers, but then they would soon find out the bone-chilling truth..

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She Sold Her Dead Baby’s Bed But The Person Who Purchased It Sent It Back 3 Days Later and Says Look Inside The Trunk!

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Everyday when we go out to work, run errands, get food exc. we brush shoulders with many strangers all day. A lot of the time we just walk past, don’t think twice and continue on with our own day. What we don’t usually think about is how each of these people has their own story of trials, tribulations and triumphs and we never really know how someone is actually feeling even if they are sitting right beside us.

Sometimes, it is nice to just go out how we usually do but at the same time try to pay it forward and do good deeds throughout the day for your friends, family and even total strangers. You  really never know if your one random good day could completely change the trajectory of somebody else’s life. Also, if you can’t find anybody who needs help just try to be more kind to each person you meet everyday and you will be pleasantly surprised by its positive effects.

This brings us to todays story which features a new Mom named Valerie Watts from Cokato, Minnesota. She had been pregnant for over 8 months with little to no complications. She was so unbelievably excited for the birth of her first son. Then when the 9th month began, she woke up and couldn’t feel her baby moving inside her womb how he had been for months. Her motherly instincts quickly kicked in as she know something was seriously wrong.

She went directly to her doctor and got all the necessary tests done. Then she got the worst news any soon-to-be mom could ever receive. Her doctor told her that her baby boy had died! Somehow the umbilical chord got squeezed and nothing could come in or out. His oxygen and nutrients had been completely cut off and there was no way the soon-to-be infant could’ve survived. Even though she knew what had happened she still went through with the birth as he came out a ‘still born.’ Her heartbreak and sadness truly can’t be put into words. She was completely crushed and broken into a million pieces over the tragic loss.

Because the tragedy happened so late in the 9th month of her pregnancy, the entire house had been baby proofed, his nursery was all set up with stuffed animals, dressers, clothes, fresh new paint of coat on the wall and of course the crib he was supposed to sleep in. Now on top of dealing with the loss, she had to figure out what she was going do with all the things she had bought for his arrival.

For an entire year the nursery was untouched and mom had to walk past the room everyday, which would was obviously extremely hard on her even after she had come to terms with the loss of her son.  Finally she just couldn’t bear to look at the untouched nursery anymore, set up a yard sale, got all the stuff out on the front lawn and began selling all of the stuff.  The hardest thing for her to part with was the crib, which to her truly embodied and symbolized what could’ve been if tragedy hadn’t struck.

At the yard sale, a guy named Gerald and his wife saw the crib and wanted to purchase it. After they agreed on a price, Valerie with a broken heart sold them the crib and in turn the last ‘physical’ memory of her dead son. She had explained to Gerald’s wife the whole back story of everything that happened, and his wife being the empath that she was could help but feel heart broken as well.

His wife told Gerald what Valerie had said to her and Gerald was pretty much stunned. He had figured Valerie was just selling off used stuff that her kid’s had outgrown. It was at this exact moment that Gerald decided he would return the crib a few days later but with a very special surprise….

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Mother Is Very Concerned That Her Baby Keeps Vanishing From Her Crib. She Sets Up A Hidden Camera and Caught THIS!

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As soon as a parent has a child, the maternal and paternal instincts kick in almost immediately as the safety of their baby becomes the number one priority in their life. Whether it’s a top of the line baby moniter, the best baby seats in the car, safe pacifiers that can’t be choked on and basically baby proofing the entire house and anywhere else their child will be. The constant worry about your child’s safety becomes an everyday struggle that almost all parents face 24/7 365! With all that being said it brings us to today’s story which features a baby Houdini who somehow keeps disappearing from her crib every night!

For a newborn baby infant to a toddler a safe and secure crib is one of the biggest necessities in any household. Not only does the crib provide the ultimate security for the new baby but it also give new parents peace of mind so they can at least get a little bit of rest and sleep at night. Mother Nina and Father Chris of Phoenix, Arizona are two new responsible parents, who have gone through every step to make sure their baby daughter Chloe is safe at all times. For the first 14 months they faced the same challenges most parents do, with having to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby when needed.

Like most parents out there, they were completely exhausted from only getting a few hours of sleep every night, but that was to be expected and they knew it was all par for the course. However when baby Chloe turned 15 months things began to take a very strange turn no one ever could’ve predicted. One morning mom woke up early to prepare breakfast and get some coffee brewing when she thought she heard a strange sound coming from the family room.

She walked into the room half asleep and thought she was hallucinating! She saw baby Chloe on the floor playing with her toys! She was stunned because her husband was still sleeping and she knew that she didn’t pick up baby Chloe from the crib and bring her into the family room. A sense of panic, dread and fear quickly came over mom as she couldn’t understand how this could even be possible…

Nina picked up her baby ran into the bedroom and woke up her husband Chris and told him what happened. He was just as startled as she was, so they went into her room and began to inspect the room to see if anything was out of place, if she could possibly of fallen out of her crib or somehow escaped… Nothing seemed weird or strange and the bed was completely undisturbed. The mystery of how baby Chloe ended up in the family room playing with her toys was only just beginning.

Not only did it seem impossible that she could get over the crib railing, but she wasn’t possibly tall enough to open her door and exit the room! What in the heck was possibly going on here?! They had more questions and literally no answers! They racked their brains and thought maybe they just didn’t close the door all the way and by some fluke she somehow got over the crib railing and headed for her toys. They decided not to make too big a deal out of it and went on with their day as per usual. They figured it was probably only going to happen once and they would make sure everything was secure every night from here on out.

The next night they turned the volume all the way up on the baby monitor just in case anything were to happen again. They secured baby Chloe in bed and made sure nothing was out of place. Within hours after putting their child to bed they heard strange sounds coming from the baby monitor at around midnight. They jumped out of bed ran to her room and to their surprise Chloe was out and about again this time in the hallway running around looking like she was having the best night of her life!

The parents were now starting to freak out, they sat baby Chloe down and straight up asked her how she was escaping her crib and getting out the door. Instead of answering, baby Chloe just giggled, laughed and wouldn’t give them a straight answer! Now this began happening every night and her parents began to go crazy trying to figure out how this was happening and more importantly they were truly worried about Chloe’s safety. The worried parents couldn’t sleep at night anymore because they were so scared during one of Chloe’s escape excursions something tragic was going to happen to her.

They decided to pick up a hidden security baby camera so they could finally get to the bottom of this strange baby Houdini disappearing act that was haunting their world. They went out purchased the camera set it up in the room and then waited to see if the mystery would be revealed! That night again they were woken up by the sound of the baby monitor and Chloe running around have a grand old time. This time though they were prepared as they grabbed the camera and reviewed the footage….

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