Baby Began Acting Very Weird. But Then Their Hidden Baby Cam Captured THIS Nanny Doing the UNTHINKABLE!

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When becoming a parent for the first time there is just no way to know what you are getting yourself into until you do it. Yes it’s true no baby is exactly the same and you always have to be ready for the most unexpected. It doesn’t matter how many parenting books you have read, classes you’ve gone to, or even words of wisdom from friends and family who have already had children. This is just one of the many things in life that you must do even if you have no clue what you are doing..

This brings us to today’s story featuring the Mateny family Whitney and Chris, their new baby Railee, and the baby’s nanny Medina. They were living in Arkansas where Whitney was attending law school and fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer. This made things pretty tough considering they just had their first baby, law school is all time consuming and Chris has a full time job to support his family. So like many other new parents who have to work on top of being a parent, a little back help from a reliable baby sister or a nanny is always ideal.

Whitney put out a post on her social media explaining how they were looking for a nanny who could take care of their 1 year old baby while they were at work. She got a pretty quick response from an old acquaintance Medina from high school. She was a bit happy that the nanny would be somebody she knew but at the same time her maternal instincts just could come to terms with leaving their baby alone with a stranger.

They decided before they hired her, they would do their due diligence and do all the necessary background checks to make sure their beautiful baby would be in good hands. She passed all the background checks and had a great reference so they hired her. At first everything between baby Railee and Medina was happy, loving and they just seemed to hit it off immediately. However, soon after mom noticed that the baby began to act really weird.

Every time the baby would see Medina she would cry and throw a fit. This concerned mom, so she brought Railee to the doctor who after careful examination said her strange behavior was most likely due to child separation anxiety so it seemed like the problem may have been targeted and now they could figure out how to ease this “separation anxiety” so that Railee would become so hysterical. After the doctors appointment mom then noticed Railee was sleeping for way too many hours during the day even for a 1 year old.

She always used to take 2 hour naps but now each nap bordered on anywhere between 4-6 hours. The Mateny family now was getting pretty concerned, so they decided to put a hidden baby cam in Railee’s room to see if Medina was doing anything weird to make their adorable baby act weird.

The day they picked up the video camera, they set it up in place so that the whole room would be visible. After work she quickly ran home to see if the footage picked up anything strange, weird or out of the ordinary. When she went into the baby’s room she immediately saw the camera had been turned around so it was facing the wall. She quickly grabbed and reviewed any footage it captured and oh boy did it catch some footage. What the video revealed was so much worse then the Mateny family could ever exist..

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Baby Was Too Young To Tell His Parents The Babysitter Was Hurting Him. So His Dog Decided To Do THIS

After moving, Benjamin and Hope Jordan needed to find a new babysitter for their baby boy Finn.  After doing a thorough background check they hired someone who had no negative history and felt that she would be a good fit. The babysitter was left to care for Finn and their dog Killian on a regular basis.  After about five months into her employment, the Jordans noticed Killian becoming very protective and growling whenever the babysitter would arrive.

They actually had to restrain the dog from becoming physically aggressive towards her, on several occasions.  As the dog’s defensive behavior increased, the Jordans became suspicious that something might be seriously wrong. Finn, being seven months old, couldn’t verbalize, and they felt that the dog was clearly alerting them.  They decided to leave an iPhone recording the audio, under the couch, while they were gone.

What you will hear on this video was alarming.  At first they heard her talking to the baby in a very angry and suspicious way, and then heard things getting physical as Finn’s crying escalated. They went straight to the police to report the what they heard.

This dog clearly was the hero of this tale, and thank goodness the Jordans didn’t ignore his behavior.  However, what could have happened to baby Finn, had they not owned a dog, could have had a far more devastating ending.  The babysitter was arrested and the boy was safe. It probably is a good idea to set up a “nanny cam” when you leave a child with any babysitter, to ensure the safety and well-being of the little ones who need our protection.  This video certainly provides a cautionary story.

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