THIS Chipmunk Is Caught Stealing Bird Food But When He Realizes He’s Caught They Get An Unexpected Surprise!

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One adorable little chipmunk was recently caught red-handed raiding a local backyard bird feeder. This video evidence obtained by the owner of the feeder, YouTube user fjwjr, shows the chippy’s surprised reaction and utter shock at being interrupted so unexpectedly.

The tiny critter freezes and then slowly spits out all the birdseed that he had gathered up in his mouth! As the food slowly spills from his puffed out cheeks the man filming can’t help but comment, “That’s kinda gross.” It’s also kinda cute and really funny so check it out for some pure, unadulterated entertainment.

Compared to rats and mice, chipmunks are easily among the cutest types of rodent in the animal kingdom. The itty-bitty furry critters are the littlest members of the squirrel family and you can often find them scurrying around on the ground or dashing madly up a tree.

It seems like they’re always in a hurry and that’s because they are! Chipmunks are so active because winter is always coming and they need to collect and store enough food to last them through hibernation.

To help them accomplish this feat, mother nature endowed them with some useful cheek pouches that can expand up to 3x the size of their heads. They scamper about and stuff their cheeks full of food, then head back to their burrows to store it all.

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A Craigslist Scam Is Spreading Like Wildfire Through Texas But He Caught The Thief and Does THIS

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Craigslist has provided an easy forum for people to post practically anything they want on it. The popular online website has grown into an incredibly busy operation since it was first founded in 1995. Every month the site logs billions of page views and ranks it as the 8th most visited site in the United States, and 60th worldwide.

With those types of numbers it’s easy to see why so many people choose to use it to find cheap stuff and amazing deals. However, the relative anonymity and randomness of the site has also allowed some people to use it for more nefarious purposes. One man had to deal with the dark side of Craigslist when he bought an iPhone for his wife from a seller whom he’d found on the site.

He sent his assistant to meet the seller at a location in Austin, Texas, and everything went smoothly. However, when the man and his wife tried to activate the phone later that evening their account ended up being suspended and after they called AT&T they were informed that the phone was stolen. Realizing that he’d been scammed out of $560, the man planned a set up to get his money back.

He contacted the seller again and told him that he wanted to buy another iPhone for himself this time around. The scammer took the bait and agreed to meet the man at the exact same location where he’d met the assistant. This time the man brought along his camera and recorded the whole meeting, catching the seller’s image on tape and getting his license plate number as well.

The man explains the situation and informs the seller that he knows the phone was stolen, then he offers him two options. The scammer decides to smarten up and refunds the man $700, way more than the $560 he asked for back, as a little extra incentive to keep him quiet. Check out the video to see the creeps reaction and how well the man handled a delicate situation, to say the least.

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Guilty Dog Gets Caught By His Mom For Knocking Over The Trash. What He Does Next Is Hilarious!

Dogs love getting into garbage cans because there are usually tasty treats in them, and most always do it when no human is around.  “Man’s and Woman’s Best Friend” do it over and over, even though they like pleasing their owner…the question is why?

When you watch this adorably funny video of Matzo being found in the vicinity of the overturned trash, it sure looks like he is guilty…but is it really guilt?  Melissa walks into the kitchen and questions him, in a half stern, half amused voice (actually giggling at times).

Melissa can’t help but laugh, and so will you, when you see the sweet dog’s reaction to the confrontation.  Many dog pros say that the seemingly guilty (and funny) reaction to dog mischief like Matzo’s, really has more to do with understanding he has displeased Melissa.

In actuality, he doesn’t make the association as to why, unless he were to be caught in the act and reprimanded.  The delicious enjoyment of the scraps in the garbage always keeps him going back to do it again, even though he doesn’t like being scolded.  So, I guess you could say Matzo feels guilty, but he has no idea why!

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