THIS Chipmunk Is Caught Stealing Bird Food But When He Realizes He’s Caught They Get An Unexpected Surprise!

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One adorable little chipmunk was recently caught red-handed raiding a local backyard bird feeder. This video evidence obtained by the owner of the feeder, YouTube user fjwjr, shows the chippy’s surprised reaction and utter shock at being interrupted so unexpectedly.

The tiny critter freezes and then slowly spits out all the birdseed that he had gathered up in his mouth! As the food slowly spills from his puffed out cheeks the man filming can’t help but comment, “That’s kinda gross.” It’s also kinda cute and really funny so check it out for some pure, unadulterated entertainment.

Compared to rats and mice, chipmunks are easily among the cutest types of rodent in the animal kingdom. The itty-bitty furry critters are the littlest members of the squirrel family and you can often find them scurrying around on the ground or dashing madly up a tree.

It seems like they’re always in a hurry and that’s because they are! Chipmunks are so active because winter is always coming and they need to collect and store enough food to last them through hibernation.

To help them accomplish this feat, mother nature endowed them with some useful cheek pouches that can expand up to 3x the size of their heads. They scamper about and stuff their cheeks full of food, then head back to their burrows to store it all.

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