Lady Brings Dog Covered In Strange Spots To The Vet. What They Reveal Underneath His Skin Is Horrifying!

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Humans and dogs have relied upon each other for thousands of years.  They used to help us hunt and protect us, but these days dogs are more of a companion animal.  While dogs are many people’s best friends, others are their worst enemies. Some people are just plain cruel and animal abusers rank among the most sadistic.

The story of Jackson, a one year old English Mastiff puppy, is a sad case of how low people can stoop.  His owner Hayden Howard of Seymour, Indiana said that one Saturday afternoon he was playing in the fenced in backyard.  

He looked ok and was acting normal but when she called him inside later in the day he appeared to be covered in bug bites.  Since he seemed fine Hayden didn’t bother looking closer until later that night and what she found was the worst thing any animal lover could ever imagine.  Jackson wasn’t covered in bug bites; he was riddled with bullet holes.

Completely shocked, Hayden rushed her poor dog to the vet who immediately found several small pellets, the type which matched those likely fired from a BB gun.  There were so many bullet holes that the vet had to shave off almost all of Jackson’s fur and by the time he was done a total of 30 BBs and 7 plastic pellets were recovered from the dog’s body.  A further 20 holes riddled his body, but those shots could not be recovered without further invasive surgery.

The police were called in and they went to Hayden’s house to investigate the terrible crime.  Upon looking at the backyard where the dog had been attacked, they estimated he must have been shot more than 70 times.  Craig Hayes, the Assistant Chief of the Seymour police department, said he had never seen such a small animal shot so many times survive.  

Wanting answers and justice for Jackson the police were determined to solve the case.  They found evidence of BBs lodged in trees on Hayden’s property that showed which direction the shots were fired from and traced them back to a nearby property.  

Soon after that they obtained a search warrant for the house next door and found hidden bullets and a gun along with the BB gun and pellets used to shoot Jackson.  The police also found evidence of drug-use at the house and arrested a man on drug possession charges. When they asked him who had shot the dog he refused to answer without an attorney present.  

While no animal cruelty charges have yet been filed, the cops are hopeful for an arrest in the case and plan to further test some of the evidence they gathered.  In addition, the Howard family has set up a $500 reward for more information leading to charges in the case.

Most important of all is that Jackson is alive and well on his was to living a normal dog’s life.  He was given medication and antibiotics to help him heal and is at home recovering with his family.  Hayden reports that he is fine and well on his way to better health. Hopefully the person who did this to him will be caught and punished severely for their inhumane cruelty.  

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