She Places A Mug Over An Egg. The Final Result Is A Delightful Unexpected Surprise!

YUM! A light and delicious, sweet treat, that’s easy too! This quick take on a classic meringue is a perfect dessert for the warm summer months. Only two ingredients and minimal effort until you’ve got yourself sugar heaven.┬áNot only that, but you can get creative and combine almost anything in your kitchen with the fluffy cookies, or just eat them plain. Most people have enough kicking around to make this a full gourmet course at the last minute.

Start by cracking one egg onto a plate. Place a small cup over the egg yoke for a really simple way to separate the whites. Pour the egg white into a small bowl full of confectioner’s sugar If the egg you are using is a little one, you might consider adding another half of an egg’s white.

Mix the egg whites and powdered sugar by hand until the ingredients form a ball. The process will be similar to kneading bread dough, with an identical result. Prepare a microwave sized plate by placing a paper towel on top of it.

Next, you’ll want to break off small chunks of your meringue dough and form them into balls, much like making cookies except without a sticky mess.

Position the balls on the paper towel covered plate with ample room between them for expanding. Microwave the plate and dough balls for one to two minutes, until they look like meringue.

Remove your treat from the microwave and enjoy with fresh berries, ice cream, fruit, coffee, nut butters, or anything you can think of!

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