She Gives Her Parakeet An Egg From The Supermarket To Play With. But Days Later She Gets The Biggest Surprise Ever!

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No one ever really stops to think about the carton of eggs they buy at the grocery store.  All most people care about is how fresh they are that they aren’t broken. When YouTube user Luna Angel went to the supermarket and spotted some quail eggs for sale, they initially grabbed her attention because they made her think of her pet parakeet at home, Pi-chan. 

She ended up buying the quail eggs and when she returned home, she gave one of the speckled eggs to her little yellow and blue bird to see what it would do and how she’d react.

As soon as the egg was placed inside her cage, Pi-chan sat on it as if she had laid it herself.  Her maternal instincts were strong, and Luna was happy to see her little bird so interested in the egg.  Not long afterwards, she went to check on Pi-chan and was shocked at what she saw inside her cage. The egg had hatched, and a tiny, fluffy, unbelievably cute baby quail was sitting next to her songbird! 

Naturally Luna was not expecting this, she had assumed the quail egg had been unfertilized, as most grocery store eggs are.  The chances that she somehow picked up a carton that contained a fertilized one were extremely slim and yet there was a baby bird right in front of her. 

It must have been fate because Luna was an experienced bird owner and lover, she knew that she’d be able to care for Pi-chan’s new friend, even if she had never raised a baby bird before!

As it turns out, baby quails don’t require very much work.  Right after they’re born, they can eat pretty much anything and so feeding the little chick wasn’t an issue.  In just a few days the bird was noticeably growing and getting stronger, much to the relief of Luna. Now instead of one she has two adorable little birds in her family!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Bird Flirts With His Lady. But When He Leans In and Says THIS I Can’t Stop Laughing!

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Out of all the many different species of birds in the world, parrots are among the smartest, and they definitely shouldn’t ever be referred to as simple-minded “bird brains.” The clever, often colorful, birds have long captured the imaginations and hearts of people all over the world.

In addition to being fun and endearing companions, they’re also complex creatures who require a lot of attention, love, and training to truly thrive and be all that they can be.

JoJo, the beautiful green feathered parrot with a distinctive looking line circling her neck in this video, is proof of just how loving and affectionate parrots often are. The Indian Ringneck, a parrot subspecies, knows how to sweet talk her best friend and lover, Buddy. Buddy also has similarly colored green feathers but his plumage features more white, especially in his chest area.

In the video, originally uploaded by YouTuber birdsiviewnc, JoJo can be seen showering Buddy with kisses and tender words. She says things like “Whatcha doin’? Oh! Pretty! Gimme kiss? Peck, peck, peck…!” In response, Buddy shakes and ‘quakes.’

That is a natural and common behavior often displayed by Quaker parrots, which is the species of parrot Buddy happens to be. When they become excited or happy they get all aflutter and so it’s clear to see that Buddy is loving the attention JoJo is paying him.

It’s awesome to see them displaying mutual love and affection for one another, and it’s safe to say these parrots are a match made in bird heaven. While parrots are best known for their language and speaking abilities, they can usually be trained to do a number of other tricks.

Many have been successfully taught to fly through hoops, retrieve things, sing on command, and a few have even managed to roller skate or ride a bicycle! Part of why they are so intelligent is that they have incredible recall abilities and memories. When combined with positive reinforcement, dedication, and lots of time, they can learn all sorts of cool tricks.

With that in mind, JoJo has definitely been shown a lot of love by her human companions and picked up the expressions she knows, like “pretty, whatcha doin,’ gimme kiss,” from hearing them said to her repeatedly. In turn, she uses them to tell how Buddy how much she cherishes him.

Check out their parrot love and see how truly clever and awesome these birds really are!

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When This Bird Gets Happy He Does The Strangest Thing. This Gave Me Chills!

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We have seen all kinds of birds with the intelligence, instincts or neurological wiring to talk, express emotions and perform hilarious tricks.  The video you are about to watch below, really outdoes them all!  He was found injured, by this woman, when he was a baby.

She nursed him back to health for some time before she released him back into the wild.  Apparently he learned quite a few things while living with his chatty savior.  He became quite the magpie, himself.  This bird and woman created a really unique bond.

Although he is lucky to have been able to reacclimate in the wild, he lingers in the area where he was saved.  Whenever she calls him out of her window, he stops in for a visit.  You will not believe the conversation that goes on between these two, and the astounding human sounds that come out of this crazy magpie’s beak!

Let us know what you think of this. Have you ever seen a bird do something like this?

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Parrot’s Afternoon Ritual. So She Caught THIS!

Parrots are among the most intelligent species of birds in the world and lots of them share a special bond with their human companions. The exotic, beautifully colored birds are quite clever and many are able to pick up words and expressions from simply being around their owners. Besides being fun and endearing companions, they’re also complex creatures who require a lot of love, attention, and training to be happy and truly thrive!

Marnie, the beautiful blue feathered parrot with a distinctive black line circling his neck in this video, is proof of just how loving and affectionate parrots often act. The blue Indian Ringneck, a parrot subspecies, knows a thing or two about how to sweet talk a lady and in this case it’s his owner and best friend. When he spots her across the room he flies right on over, lands on her shoulder, and politely asks “What are you doing?” before telling her “You’re so cute!”

The pair chat for a little and when his owner asks for a kiss he obliges and says “Thank you.” This may be the cutest conversation you’ll ever see as they go on to shower each other with tender words and a few more kisses! It’s clear that Marnie is loving the attention being paid to him and it’s always wonderful to see the mutual love and affection being shared between owners and their pets. These two are a match made in heaven!

According to his mom, there are a few other phrases Marnie knows in addition to “you’re so cute,” “what are you doing,” and “thank you.” He also says “peek-a-boo,” “whee!,” “bye-bye,” “that good?,” “quack quack,” and “yuck, yuck, yuck.” She says that he’s always been a lover from day one, and always asks for kisses, which is why she describes him as a “polite Casanova.”

Check him out! You can’t help but smile and fall in love with what an awesome, well-spoken, and polite parrot Marnie is!

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Every Night Daddy Puts On The River Dance Music. The Parrot Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Moves.

With a name like ‘Lovebird,’ you have to be happy, upbeat, and fun loving! That’s exactly how this beautifully vibrant blue and white feathered lovebird acts when he hears his favorite music. The energetic little parrot has some seriously sweet and awesome dance moves and knows how to boogie on down! The adorable bird seems to really enjoy the fast Irish tune that’s playing and he knows exactly how to dance to the music. He hops up and down while tapping his tiny feet along to the beat, just like how an Irish step dancer moves!

Some of his moves are quite impressive and his Irish jig is seriously on point. He may even dance better than some of the professional River Dancers because he’s doing it all on his own with no training or direction! Check out the way he kicks and moves his feet, it’s awesome to see what a naturally talented and sprightly bird he is.

Lovebirds got their name from the fact that they form monogamous relationships and stay with the same mate for their entire adult life. Even if that were not the case they’d probably still be called lovebirds just the same because of their naturally warm, friendly, affectionate, and caring nature.

Once the small colorful parrots find a lover they spend most of their time sitting right alongside them. They strengthen their bond with their mate by preening and feeding one another and basically doing all of the adorable, sweet types of things that any loved up couple would do.

The clever, intelligent, brightly feathered little birds have long been a much loved favorite of people and bird enthusiasts all over the world. Many keep bonded pairs as pets and if they are treated right and well-taken care of, they can even end up forming super-close bonds with their human counterparts.

It’s easy to tell when a lovebird really and truly likes you because they will cuddle and nestle closely, and sometimes even preen you. Be sure to check out this one’s dance routine to see just how awesome and fun loving they can be!

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This Little Penguin Runs Toward His Human. When He Reaches Him I Can’t Stop Laughing!

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Cookie is a “little penguin” both literally and figuratively. The adorable little bird is a member of Eudyptula minor, which is the smallest species of penguin in the world. On average, they grow up to 13 centimeters tall and weigh in at around 3 pounds. Cookie lives at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Bird House in Ohio, while other fellow species members are often found on the southern coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

Little penguins are so small, cute, and magical that they are often called fairy penguins. They go about their days zipping through the waters close to the shore looking for tiny fish to eat. The little one in this video, named Cookie, has a bumblefoot and can’t be in the water a lot.

Bumblefoot is when feet become inflamed and infected with bacteria. To prevent it from worsening or becoming fatal, staff at the Cincinnati Zoo keep Cookie inside when the other little penguins go swimming. He needs to keep his foot bandaged and as dry as possible.

That’s why you see him waddling around in the hallway, behind the scenes at the zoo. Cookie visits with staff and when he see’s his favorite zookeeper he hurries over to say hello. That’s when he lets out a joyous giggle type noise that is delightful to hear.

You have to hear Cookie’s trills and happy sounds to get an idea of his vocal capabilities. One thing is certain, this little penguin is one special bird that will melt your heart!

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