Their Human Asks Them, “Who Is Your Best Friend?” Now Watch How The One On The Left Reacts!

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Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, time and again they have shown nothing but steadfast loyalty towards their human companions. Most canines wouldn’t even think twice about following their owners to the ends of the earth, and some have risked their lives doing exactly that.

However, not every dog’s best friend is human, and oftentimes that role is filled by a fellow dog, especially when the two grow up and are raised together. There is just something special about the bonds that domesticated dogs are capable of forming with both each other and all the other animals in a household, cats included!

Take for example Lottie, the Border Collie, and her best friend in the whole wide world, Grizzly the German Shepherd. This video is a testament to their close friendship and mutual love and respect for one another. When their owner asks Lottie who her best friend is she answers the question immediately with a simple act.

She rears back slightly on her hind legs, lifts her two front paws and slides them around Grizzly’s furry back, then brings her head in close to rest against his body. The adorable doggy hug is easily the cutest thing you’ve seen in awhile. How can it not be, the sight is one of pure sweetness and absolutely beautiful, I just wish it lasted longer!

It turns our that the beautiful pair are both extremely smart, talented, and adept at picking up all sorts of new skills and sweet tricks. They work hard and train hard together with their owner up near the Sudbury area of Canada’s Ontario province.

When they aren’t busy working, performing, or being ambassadors for all-natural nutrition on behalf of Animal Wellness Magazine, they can be found hanging out together doing cool dog things. The two best friends have a growing internet following and are lucky to have each other, as they keep one another grounded and focused, and that’s what friends are for.

If you’re ever feeling down or maybe just want to brighten someones day and remind them that you care, send them this short clip and spread the love. Better yet, send it to your best friends and hug your dog(s)!

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This Little Penguin Runs Toward His Human. When He Reaches Him I Can’t Stop Laughing!

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Cookie is a “little penguin” both literally and figuratively. The adorable little bird is a member of Eudyptula minor, which is the smallest species of penguin in the world. On average, they grow up to 13 centimeters tall and weigh in at around 3 pounds. Cookie lives at the Cincinnati Zoo’s Bird House in Ohio, while other fellow species members are often found on the southern coasts of Australia and New Zealand.

Little penguins are so small, cute, and magical that they are often called fairy penguins. They go about their days zipping through the waters close to the shore looking for tiny fish to eat. The little one in this video, named Cookie, has a bumblefoot and can’t be in the water a lot.

Bumblefoot is when feet become inflamed and infected with bacteria. To prevent it from worsening or becoming fatal, staff at the Cincinnati Zoo keep Cookie inside when the other little penguins go swimming. He needs to keep his foot bandaged and as dry as possible.

That’s why you see him waddling around in the hallway, behind the scenes at the zoo. Cookie visits with staff and when he see’s his favorite zookeeper he hurries over to say hello. That’s when he lets out a joyous giggle type noise that is delightful to hear.

You have to hear Cookie’s trills and happy sounds to get an idea of his vocal capabilities. One thing is certain, this little penguin is one special bird that will melt your heart!

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