Mommy Puts On The River Dance Music. The Parrot Proceeds To Do The Funniest Moves.

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There is something about Irish folk music that just makes you want to move your feet. The lively jigs are hard to ignore and no matter what type of animal or feet you may have, they seem to get into your body and soul and take over! Even adorable little parrots are not immune to the infectious tunes, just watch and see how this lovebird reacts to a Celtic song that’s playing. The black headed bird knows how to get down and boogie woogie when the music gets turned up. He jumps up and down, taps and kicks his tiny feet, and manages to pull off some sweet high step moves, all in time to a lively Irish tune.

The sprightly little fellow dances an Irish jig just as good, if not even better, than the professional River Dancers do! It’s awesome to see this feathery guys energetic, hippity-hoppity display, and it’s safe to say this parrot has one superb natural talent.

The beautiful, vibrant, blue and white feathered lovebird is typical of how energetic and fun loving the small subspecies of parrots are. Lovebirds are very small, friendly, warm, and caring types of parrots, which is part of the reason why they have the word “love” in their name.

The colorful birds also earned the name because they form longstanding relationships and break off into monogamous pairs. Furthermore, they strengthen their affectionate bonds with their significant other by spending extensive amounts of time sitting alongside their lover.

The clever birds have long captured the imaginations and hearts of people all over the world and they’re often kept as pets. If treated properly they can form ultra close bonds with their human counterpart and when they really like you, they will nestle, cuddle, and even preen you. Check out this one’s adorable dance routine and see how awesome they really are!

Have you seen a bird that has such fancy footwork? 

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s Nightly Ritual! So She Caught THIS!

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Out of all the many different breeds of dogs in the world, Golden Retrievers are among the most gentle and laid back. Their loyal, trainable and even-tempered nature makes them a great fit for families with young children. Plus, they love being active and playing games, romping around, and living up to their name by fetching and chasing after balls and toys.

Their sweet and friendly nature has made them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and once you see this video, it’s easy to see why. The adorable Golden Retriever seen here, with a pacifier in his mouth, is named Max.

He loves nothing more than relaxing and unwinding after a long day with the help of his favorite binky. He looks so stinkin’ cute and content to be just sitting there sucking on his pacifier. It’s as if he didn’t have a care in the world! If he hasn’t already won you over with his slightly odd and quirky preference for pacifiers, what Max does next will melt any icy heart.

When his owner tries to take the binky away from him, he intercepts her hand with a paw and swats it away from him. When she reaches towards his mouth a second time, she gets rejected yet again! No matter how nicely she asks or begs, every time she attempts to remove it he pushes her away, all while sporting the coolest, calmest expression on his face.

Nothing else quite captures a Golden Retriever’s natural laid back attitude better than this. The sight of a big puppy dog with a pacifier in his mouth is one that every dog owner would love to see!

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Nobody Believed Dad When He Described His Daughters Morning Ritual With The Cat. So He Caught THIS

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When it comes to the sounds that come out of a baby’s mouth, it’s basically impossible to understand. The words and meanings they may be trying to convey is anyone’s guess as to what they truly and actually are. The same goes for cats and their meowing. There’s simply no way to interpret the sounds.

That doesn’t stop the two completely different species from holding full length conversations from time to time! According to one father, his baby daughter and the family cat are always having their own weird, mini conversations of sorts.

He posted the most adorable video proof of it on his YouTube channel for everyone to see and if you love cats and babies, then you’ll definitely enjoy this short clip!

Apparently, every day the pair cheerily babble back and forth together, oblivious to the world around them. What’s amazing about it is that the sweet tabby cat seems to really understand exactly what the little girl is saying, and responds back to her in kind with soft meow meows!

The cat doesn’t stop after a few seconds and walk off, but sticks around instead, and even follows Lenny’s daughter to continue on their chit chatter. Check out the dynamic duo now and see just how darn cute they both are!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Creatures Strange Sound. So She Revealed THIS

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Arctic foxes are beautiful animals with white fur coats and soft bushy tails. A lesser known fact is that they also seem to have a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh that’s hard to not smile at when you hear it. The cute little guy in this video named Archer is proof of that. Video of him laughing has gone viral ever since his owner, 25 year old Krista Shafer of Battle Creek, Michigan, uploaded it to Vine.

In the clip Archer can be seen sitting on the floor among a pile of clothing. When Ms. Shafer’s boyfriend lets out a little chuckle in the background, the fox immediately joins in the laughter. Archer closes his eyes, tosses his head back, and giggles in delight as he rolls around on the floor!

The high pitched sounds he emits sound exactly like a person laughing and the sight of him is simply adorable. He looks like he just heard a funny story or the punchline to a good joke, you have to see and hear him to understand how truly human-like he sounds!

This isn’t a one-time thing for Archer, he laughs all the time, especially towards the end of the day when he’s tired and sleepy. According to Ms. Shafer he “usually starts giggling whenever my boyfriend laughs… he’s a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox.”

Judging by the clip of him cackling in delight, that looks to be the case. The video has also managed to make a lot of people happy and laugh along with it. In just 3 days after it was originally posted it has been viewed an astounding 29 million times and counting!

Ms. Shafer got Archer when he was just a kit, having bought him from a breeder in Indiana. While wild animals should remain in the wild where they belong, many foxes have been successfully domesticated. That’s because long ago they were kept for their fur before a switch led to them being raised instead as companion animals.

As such, Archer was never truly wild since his natural instincts have essentially been bred out of him and he wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. Now he lives with his adoring caretaker and spends his days happily playing and laughing up a storm. Check out the adorable fox and see how funny his laugh is!

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Nobody Believed Him When He Described His Chipmunks A.M. Ritual So He Caught THIS On Video

One of the most refreshing and feel good things that you can do in the morning is stretch. After sleeping all night, in who knows what kind of odd positions, your body tightens up. There is just something nice about a long, invigorating stretch that makes it ten times easier to pull yourself out of bed. Cats have long practiced this form of mindful wakefulness and always flex their bodies promptly after waking up or moving around.

However, Grumpy Cat and his fellow kitty friends can step aside because now there is a new animal favorite rising online. His name is Bikke and he is an insanely adorable chipmunk who hails from Japan. Everything about this tiny guy, from his chubby cheeks down to his furry little tail, exudes cuteness!

There are a total of 25 different species of adorable chipmunks. They are known for burrowing underground and making cozy little nooks to live in. Sometimes they live above ground in small trees and shrubs. During the winter like many other mammals they hibernate with all the food they stored up in their cheeks. Most hipmunks tend to live and do their food gathering alone. When communicating with one another they make a high pitched bird-like chirping sound. One thing is for sure, chipmunks are totally one of most adorable little forest critters around!

People the world over are sure to fall in love with Bikke once they see him do his morning stretches. A clip of the fritter shows him releasing a big yawn as he simultaneously stretches his legs out behind him and his arms in front. As he begins to loosen up he snuffles around on the bed and comically twitches his nose. When doing his movements he drags his legs around behind him while pulling his body along with his front claws. Over and over again he yawns, pulls himself along, twitches and repeats.

It is as if he cannot quite wake up from his nap and needs to keep on stretching. He even appears to have developed a new form of stretch technique which has never been seen before. He invented the downward facing chipmunk!! Without a doubt the whole scene qualifies as a cuteness overload moment.  I really could watch this little fella all day long. He is a non-stop source of adorable entertainment.

This little chippy sure has a great life as evidenced by his very own YouTube channel, bikke the chip. Videos show him stuffing his cheeks until they’re fat with food, watching cartoons, and playing around with his mini-house set. This little guy is sure to brighten up your day and put a big smile on your face! His chubby little cheeks and his morning routine make for an instant internet classic hit! His human friends clearly love and adore him, and so do we! If you are feeling a bit down, this should instantly cheer you up. Make sure you watch the adorable video below all the way to the end.

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Parrot’s Afternoon Ritual. So She Caught THIS!

Parrots are among the most intelligent species of birds in the world and lots of them share a special bond with their human companions. The exotic, beautifully colored birds are quite clever and many are able to pick up words and expressions from simply being around their owners. Besides being fun and endearing companions, they’re also complex creatures who require a lot of love, attention, and training to be happy and truly thrive!

Marnie, the beautiful blue feathered parrot with a distinctive black line circling his neck in this video, is proof of just how loving and affectionate parrots often act. The blue Indian Ringneck, a parrot subspecies, knows a thing or two about how to sweet talk a lady and in this case it’s his owner and best friend. When he spots her across the room he flies right on over, lands on her shoulder, and politely asks “What are you doing?” before telling her “You’re so cute!”

The pair chat for a little and when his owner asks for a kiss he obliges and says “Thank you.” This may be the cutest conversation you’ll ever see as they go on to shower each other with tender words and a few more kisses! It’s clear that Marnie is loving the attention being paid to him and it’s always wonderful to see the mutual love and affection being shared between owners and their pets. These two are a match made in heaven!

According to his mom, there are a few other phrases Marnie knows in addition to “you’re so cute,” “what are you doing,” and “thank you.” He also says “peek-a-boo,” “whee!,” “bye-bye,” “that good?,” “quack quack,” and “yuck, yuck, yuck.” She says that he’s always been a lover from day one, and always asks for kisses, which is why she describes him as a “polite Casanova.”

Check him out! You can’t help but smile and fall in love with what an awesome, well-spoken, and polite parrot Marnie is!

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