Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s Nightly Ritual! So She Caught THIS!

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Out of all the many different breeds of dogs in the world, Golden Retrievers are among the most gentle and laid back. Their loyal, trainable and even-tempered nature makes them a great fit for families with young children. Plus, they love being active and playing games, romping around, and living up to their name by fetching and chasing after balls and toys.

Their sweet and friendly nature has made them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and once you see this video, it’s easy to see why. The adorable Golden Retriever seen here, with a pacifier in his mouth, is named Max.

He loves nothing more than relaxing and unwinding after a long day with the help of his favorite binky. He looks so stinkin’ cute and content to be just sitting there sucking on his pacifier. It’s as if he didn’t have a care in the world! If he hasn’t already won you over with his slightly odd and quirky preference for pacifiers, what Max does next will melt any icy heart.

When his owner tries to take the binky away from him, he intercepts her hand with a paw and swats it away from him. When she reaches towards his mouth a second time, she gets rejected yet again! No matter how nicely she asks or begs, every time she attempts to remove it he pushes her away, all while sporting the coolest, calmest expression on his face.

Nothing else quite captures a Golden Retriever’s natural laid back attitude better than this. The sight of a big puppy dog with a pacifier in his mouth is one that every dog owner would love to see!

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