Nobody Believed Him When He Described His Chipmunks A.M. Ritual So He Caught THIS On Video

One of the most refreshing and feel good things that you can do in the morning is stretch. After sleeping all night, in who knows what kind of odd positions, your body tightens up. There is just something nice about a long, invigorating stretch that makes it ten times easier to pull yourself out of bed. Cats have long practiced this form of mindful wakefulness and always flex their bodies promptly after waking up or moving around.

However, Grumpy Cat and his fellow kitty friends can step aside because now there is a new animal favorite rising online. His name is Bikke and he is an insanely adorable chipmunk who hails from Japan. Everything about this tiny guy, from his chubby cheeks down to his furry little tail, exudes cuteness!

There are a total of 25 different species of adorable chipmunks. They are known for burrowing underground and making cozy little nooks to live in. Sometimes they live above ground in small trees and shrubs. During the winter like many other mammals they hibernate with all the food they stored up in their cheeks. Most hipmunks tend to live and do their food gathering alone. When communicating with one another they make a high pitched bird-like chirping sound. One thing is for sure, chipmunks are totally one of most adorable little forest critters around!

People the world over are sure to fall in love with Bikke once they see him do his morning stretches. A clip of the fritter shows him releasing a big yawn as he simultaneously stretches his legs out behind him and his arms in front. As he begins to loosen up he snuffles around on the bed and comically twitches his nose. When doing his movements he drags his legs around behind him while pulling his body along with his front claws. Over and over again he yawns, pulls himself along, twitches and repeats.

It is as if he cannot quite wake up from his nap and needs to keep on stretching. He even appears to have developed a new form of stretch technique which has never been seen before. He invented the downward facing chipmunk!! Without a doubt the whole scene qualifies as a cuteness overload moment.  I really could watch this little fella all day long. He is a non-stop source of adorable entertainment.

This little chippy sure has a great life as evidenced by his very own YouTube channel, bikke the chip. Videos show him stuffing his cheeks until they’re fat with food, watching cartoons, and playing around with his mini-house set. This little guy is sure to brighten up your day and put a big smile on your face! His chubby little cheeks and his morning routine make for an instant internet classic hit! His human friends clearly love and adore him, and so do we! If you are feeling a bit down, this should instantly cheer you up. Make sure you watch the adorable video below all the way to the end.

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