Mama Tells Her Pup To Show His Happy Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face!

A smiling dog is a happy dog, at least that’s how us humans interpret the meaning of the facial expression. There’s just something so special and heartwarming when animals smile. This is especially true for dogs that have been rescued from either terrible circumstances or a dire situation, and given a second chance at leading a normal life.

The dog in this video was rescued and taken in by PAWS Chicago when he was a five month old puppy. They named him Herbert and placed him in a foster home, rather than a shelter, to help him adjust to being indoors and around loving people. PAWS volunteer Amanda Robles was his foster mom and she’s the one who took this adorable video of Herbert giving the camera the widest, most cheesiest smile that he could muster! His grin is so big and toothy, it’s the cutest face- you just have to see it!

The video starts off with Herbert sitting back on his haunches, calmly gazing at the camera with a relaxed and content look on his face. When Amanda instructs him to ‘say cheese’ his innocent little puppy face lights up with a thousand watt smile that transforms him into the happiest looking dog on Earth. He’s clearly one smart, clever puppy who already has one command down.

While you’d think that with a face, smile, and brains like that, Herbert would have no problem finding a forever home. However, according to an update from Amanda, he sadly spent about a month or so waiting in the shelter to be adopted. Thankfully she did meet the couple who ended up taking him home with them and was delighted to report that they seemed like wonderful people. For an instant mood boost check out his happy grin and pass it on!

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