She Presses Her Pregnant Belly Onto The Glass. Now Watch The Orangutan’s First Instincts Kick In.

Orangutans originated in Indonesia and Malaysia, but due to poaching, habitat destruction, and illegal pet trade, the apes are endangered and now found wild only in the rain forests of Indonesian islands Borneo and Sumatra. The word orangutan, rooted in the native languages, means person of the forest. The intelligent apes spend much of their time in trees and use various sophisticated tools to accomplish daily tasks, such as hunting fish, collecting honey, or processing nut, fruit, veggies, and seeds.

The solitary animal’s deepest social bond is between mother and child, who stay together for the first two years of the dependent’s life. Because of this relationship, you can understand why the captive orangutan is interested in the pregnant belly of the woman in this video. The female ape waits eight years between births, which presumably makes for a strong biological longing of the most precious love and affection that exists.

Just like humans, orangutans grow their babies for nine months before birth and once born, mothers dedicate themselves to the well being of the offspring. The care giver’s life becomes centered on providing for the little one, carrying it on her belly and sleeping with it during the night.

The family dynamic is well planned however, as an orangutan mom will often have an older offspring with her to help socialize the infant. Watch as this maternal monkey expresses her tenderness with kisses to the human baby through glass and womb!

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