She Struggles While Trying Out A New Yoga Pose. Now Watch The Pup Show Her How It’s Done!

There are certain animals in this world who are naturals at yoga. They have some serious skills and amazing abilities when it comes to flexing and contorting their furry little bodies into the craziest positions, all without even thinking about it! You can see that it comes naturally to them in their everyday movements and for proof of this look no further than cats and dogs.

Practically every time a dog or cat switches positions, or gets up from a nap, they have to yawn and do a big stretch before flopping back over into yet another yoga-like pose to resume their sleep. Our pets bodies were seemingly built for stretching and that’s why they’re among the top performers in the world of what we humans call yoga.

If people want to be able to keep up with their pets in the yoga department, they have a lot of catching up to do. One woman was doing just that and decided to film herself practicing her yoga technique. She sat down her mat and positioned her camera so that it was aimed directly at it, then got straight to work. In the video you can see her trying out a new yoga pose as she tells her dog to also try the move.

As she awkwardly struggles to perform the pose the dog shows her up and effortlessly masters it with both ease and grace. The adorable yogi dog is further living proof that animals are simply naturals when it comes to the ancient practice. They have inherent and incredible stretching abilities that put all of us humans to shame!

If this woman really wants to do yoga with her dog, then she should bring her canine friend to an animal yoga class. A growing number of studios offer classes where humans and animals, mainly just cats and dogs, can get their stretch on. A variety of specific poses and maneuvers have even been specially developed for our four-legged animal companions.

So rather than tripping over your poor pet while switching between poses, you can instead incorporate them into a session, and both of you will be happier and healthier from the experience. After all, a yogi dog (or cat) can teach us mere mortals a lot about stretching, so why not partner up with your pet!

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