Nobody Believed Mom When She Described Her Dog’s Nightly Ritual. So She Caught This!

Pet owners love chatting with their animal companions and oftentimes our furry friends love talking back! Just about everyone is guilty of having full-on conversations with their pets as if they were a fellow human being at some point in time. After all, they’re part of the family and besides, it just happens!

Which leads us to this adorable video of a family trying to figure out what the heck their dog is trying to say. The camera is trained on the sweet white puppy named Charlie and as you can see he’s very vocal. He’s hanging out in the kitchen with a little girl, probably his sister, who’s egging him on and getting him to talk!

Charlie makes some interesting noises that can be interpreted to sound like “blahblahblah” and “i love you,” but it’s anyone’s guess as to what he’s truly saying. If he’s like most dogs then he’s most likely asking for food!

When we talk to our pets it’s a natural, normal, and possibly even instinctual way to both communicate and bond with them. Some pets will even initiate conversations rather than just talk back and a recent survey found that 67% of pet owners claim they understand their animals barks, meows, purrs and all of the other sounds they make. Out of those surveyed, 62% reported that when they speak their animals seem to understand and get the message!

The numbers above are from an AP-Petside poll conducted in 2008 so they’ve likely higher now, as pets are increasingly being considered important family members. Many people even place their beloved animals on equal footing with children, hence the name fur-babies!

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Raccoon Takes a Rock and Bangs It On This Glass Door. The Reason Is Unexpectedly Hilarious!

Raccoon’s are very intelligent animals who have managed to easily adapt to their human influenced surroundings. They can often be spotted scavenging through composts and dumpsters in search of food scraps thrown out in people’s trash.

Lots of them also raid whatever pet food they can find that has been left outside. A few of the wily animals have even been caught on tape entering people’s homes through unsecured pet doors. Once inside they gobble up any food that has been left out for the cat or dog, and sometimes they even fight with or harass the animals living in the houses they break into.

One raccoon has evolved a different approach to getting fed tasty treats by her human friend. Rocksy the raccoon earned her name by the unique method she employs to get refills when the cat food bowl she eats out of is empty.

The smart, furry little animal will find a rock and pick it up with her clawed hands. She then stands at the sliding glass door and uses the rock to knock on the glass until the food bowl is refilled. Rocksy is very adamant and relentless in her quest for fresh food and will stand knocking at the door for hours until she gets what she wants.

The owner of the house who taped Rocksy’s unique ritual says that even though the glass door is all scratched up, she isn’t angry at the animal. In fact, she describes it as hilarious, and from the sound of her reaction on the video she made, she doesn’t mind it one bit.

Rocksy has been living in the woman’s yard for a number of years and the pair know each other well. While she doesn’t remember exactly when or how the clever raccoon figured out the attention grabbing behavior, its been going on for awhile now.

One thing is apparent from this video; the furry masked animals are incredibly smart. Their intelligence has also made them skilled at a range of other similarly related activities that include climbing, vocalizing, adapting, and figuring things out.

Mother raccoon’s are very hands on and make excellent teachers who always ensure that their babies have the care and guidance needed for surviving on their own. In light of that, perhaps Rocksy’s mother taught her the rock knocking behavior as part of her food gathering and survival lesson!

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No One Believed This Guy When He Described His Pup’s Nightly Ritual. So He Caught THIS On Camera

Cuddling up with a soft, furry, loving animal is one of the best things you can do to make yourself happy. There is something about our pets that just magically makes life better and causes all of our worries and problems to melt away. The positive energy and feel-good vibes go both ways as well, because pets often purr and rumble in response to the snuggles they receive. This is all according to me, but I assume that there has been actual studies and science which backs up these notions.

Of course, not all animals and pets are affectionate, but the ones who are usually cannot get enough one-on-one time with their human counterparts. This adorable Bulldog puppy is a good case in point. The big wrinkly tan and white ball of joy just wants more kisses from her dad.

When he stops showering her with attention the puppy makes her feelings clear by gently pawing at his face for more. Every time he stops she puts a paw up and gets more kisses. The strange, yet comforting, noises emanating from her mouth and chest are more pig-like than canine, but a cute, sweet pig and not some nasty, mean one.

The Bulldog’s lazy rumbling noises make her dad smile and laugh in delight. If he was in bad mood prior to this clip, he definitely no longer is. These two are so happy and content in each others company and the love between them is beautiful to witness.

Do yourself a favor when you get home to your fur baby(s) tonight, cuddle up and snuggle with them, it will do you both good. Don’t forget to check out this sweet girl’s odd, comforting noises if you want to smile.

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Nobody Believed Him When He Described The Cat’s Before Dinner Ritual So They Caught THIS On Film

We humans are told that in order to increase the power of our brains, we need to solve puzzles, think “out of the box” and engage in novel activities.  People who have an intrinsic desire to learn, experience the rewards of satiating that desire.

Cats too, are clearly intelligent animals, who benefit from such activities.  The pet parents of the cat in this video have set up a task that needs to be completed in order for this feline to receive his extrinsic reward… his meal.

Watching this cat exhibit his problem solving ability is truly amazing.  It’s as if you can practically hear him thinking out his next move, exemplifying truly intuitive instincts leading him to be methodically resourceful in every move he makes to find each part of the puzzle that will lead to the reward of his dinner.

Watching his clever moves is truly astounding.  Not only are his pet parents providing him dinner, but an opportunity to use his brain that could very easily prolong a healthier longer life.

By providing him opportunities to use his brain in novel ways, this cat will experience a more content and interesting existence.  Watch and enjoy this feline intelligence and please share your thoughts about this amazing animal!

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Nobody Believed Him When Described His Dog’s Morning Ritual So He Got A Camera and Caught THIS

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Mornings can be just as hard on dogs as they are on some humans. No sane person or animal wants to willingly throw back the covers and get up out of a warm, cozy, perfectly slept in bed. This is especially true when you don’t really have to get up for awhile and want to stay comfy and keep on snoozing.

Unfortunately, sometimes our fellow sleeping partners make it impossible to get back into that zen state in which you were just basking, and that makes some of us really grumpy.

That’s exactly the case in this adorable yet strange video from Rumble Viral. It stars Buddha the Bulldog, a big white and wrinkly ball of joy, who does not want to roll out of bed. Much to his dislike, his parental units try to wake him from his deep slumber. He whines and groans in protest and sounds nothing like a dog at all.

The weird noises emanating from his mouth and chest are more alien than canine, but a cute, sweet alien and not some nasty, mean one. Buddha’s lazy grumbling makes his human friends smile and laugh as they record him, but that just pisses him off even more. It’s bad enough that they have already rudely awoken him, but laughing is going to far.

As Buddha gets up he lashes out a paw and slaps his male human in the face, serving him up some dog-style justice. That will teach him to never mess with a sleeping dog, especially this one. No…but seriously, this dog is too cute and his unique noises are almost too much. Buddha definitely wins the top spot for being the sweetest grump.

Check him and his odd noises out if you want to smile! 🙂

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Cat’s Nightly Ritual. So She Captured THIS

It is hard to imagine a world where adorable, funny and highly entertaining cat videos were once scarce. What has now taken the internet by storm barely existed about 20 years ago outside of the America’s Funniest Home Video sector. While many cat videos have come and gone, there are several that stand the test of time. Here is a classic YouTube video originally uploaded back in the day in September of 2008 by user hkbecky.

She captured what has arguably become one of the Internets best videos ever to feature cats. Her two feline companions, Goo and Yat Jai, are seen playing a game of patty cake atop her computer desk. She explains that they always play the popular activity that is a memorable childhood favorite. They stand facing each other and touch paws intermittently on and off. When they sense that their owner is filming they cease all play, but they are right back at it when they think that she is no longer looking.

Now fast forward about two years to November of 2010. That is when fellow YouTube user JC Elliot posted his version of the infamous original. He translated the cats actions into human-speak and gives us his imagined version of what they were actually saying. He thought up the perfect narrative and added in a voice-over. The result is a hilarious, and perfectly on point, rendition of a game of “cattycake,” as it has come to be known. See for yourself how awesome, cute, and perfect it is!

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