Nobody Believed Him When Described His Dog’s Morning Ritual So He Got A Camera and Caught THIS

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Mornings can be just as hard on dogs as they are on some humans. No sane person or animal wants to willingly throw back the covers and get up out of a warm, cozy, perfectly slept in bed. This is especially true when you don’t really have to get up for awhile and want to stay comfy and keep on snoozing.

Unfortunately, sometimes our fellow sleeping partners make it impossible to get back into that zen state in which you were just basking, and that makes some of us really grumpy.

That’s exactly the case in this adorable yet strange video from Rumble Viral. It stars Buddha the Bulldog, a big white and wrinkly ball of joy, who does not want to roll out of bed. Much to his dislike, his parental units try to wake him from his deep slumber. He whines and groans in protest and sounds nothing like a dog at all.

The weird noises emanating from his mouth and chest are more alien than canine, but a cute, sweet alien and not some nasty, mean one. Buddha’s lazy grumbling makes his human friends smile and laugh as they record him, but that just pisses him off even more. It’s bad enough that they have already rudely awoken him, but laughing is going to far.

As Buddha gets up he lashes out a paw and slaps his male human in the face, serving him up some dog-style justice. That will teach him to never mess with a sleeping dog, especially this one. No…but seriously, this dog is too cute and his unique noises are almost too much. Buddha definitely wins the top spot for being the sweetest grump.

Check him and his odd noises out if you want to smile! 🙂

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