Nobody Believed Her When She Said What The Pups Do Everytime He Enters The Room. So She Caught THIS

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The sight of 16 energetic puppies pouring out of a doorway is likely the cutest thing you will see today. The herd of little Basenji doggies seen in this video is comprised of puppies from three different litters that were all born around the same time.

Each individual pup sports similarly colored brown or black markings set against a white fur coat, and all appear to have a white line down the center of their heads and noses. The big family gets along well and no puppy ever needs to worry about not having a playmate to romp around with!

The puppies were born and raised in Norway and live with Dag Christer Lie and his wife Liv, who own and run Kingwanas Kennel, which is Swahili for “Congo.” Their two sons, aged 4 and 6, also share the house with the puppy herd and can be seen in the video getting swarmed by the baby Basenjis.

The kids love to play with and among the dogs, and are definitely living every child’s dream of having a gang of puppies to run wild with. The family has an active passion for the breed and have been very involved in the Norwegian Basenji Club and Norwegian Kenel Klub over the years.

The breed’s origin can be traced back to Africa, around the Congo Basin, where they were kept mainly for hunting. They make excellent hunters due to their strong prey drive and are also extremely intelligent. Basenji’s have big personalities and are incredibly curious, attentive, smart and active.

They also love to groom themselves and keep their fur so clean that they rarely need to be bathed, like a cat. Best of all, they are nearly odorless, so you never have to worry about stinky dog smells if you own one. One of the most interesting traits about these dogs is that they don’t bark, hence their nickname the “barkless dog.”

Instead they make a wide range of other sounds, including a common yodel-like noise and deep growls. Some even produce hair raising screams that can scare the pants off a person. Then there are the other usual dog sounds that every dog seems to make such as whimpers, whines, and groans. Finally, they have adorable, cute as a button, furry, and lovable puppies, as evidenced by this video so check it out and enjoy!

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