Girl’s Face Was Attacked and Devoured By A Raccoon! But After 13 Years Her 1 Dream Finally Comes True!

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Life is tough, there just is no way around this fact that all of us has human’s face everyday. It doesn’t matter where you are from, who you are or where you are headed, we all face different trials and tribulations that most people don’t know about. So it is very important, to always be kind to people because you truly never know what they are dealing with underneath that smile they flash you during the day.

Even if you come from a good family, always know you have a warm meal coming and a roof over your head you never know when life can just flip on you over night. Everything could be absolutely amazing and then literally within hours, things can take a turn for the worse that can permanently change the trajectory of your life forever.

This brings us to today’s story which features a very brave young girl named Charlotte. When was an infant at the young age of 3 months old, she had been peacefully sleeping in her crib at her home. At the time, she was living with her parents and her big brother Marshall. Charlotte’s parents had a pet raccoon at the time. According to the initial story, Charlotte had a bottle of milk in her crib that evening and the pet raccoon must have gotten a whiff of it.

The animal somehow got into her room, climbed into her crib and then must’ve viewed the infant as a potential threat to him attaining his milk. This is where things take a turn for the worst, so you may want to sit down for this part of the story. The raccoon climbed in her crib and basically ate her entire face so that he could get the baby milk.

Baby Charlotte was only 3-months-old at the time so she probably didn’t have a clue of the horror that was happening to her inside crib. The viscious animal attack left the poor baby with no ear, nose and over 3/4 of her face had been ripped to shred!

Soon after, child services removed Charlotte and her brother Marshall from her parents and that house and they were adopted by their aunt and uncle in Michigan. She had to get multiple invasive reconstruction plastic surgeries to try and fix the horrific damage the animal inflicted on her. Even with all the surgeries her face is still very scarred and she is still missing most of her ear. Luckily a great surgeon was able to reconstruct her nose, but life has been anything but easy for her.

No matter how much surgery is done, the remnants of the terrible animal attack in her crib will most likely leave her scarred and disfigured for her life. Charlotte is brave, tough and has always dreamed of getting earrings but she was never able to, because of the loss of her ear….

Watch the video below to hear her full story and if her most recent ear surgery was a success:

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These Humans Get a Huge Surprise When They Realize What Their Raccoon Is Actually Washing!

So, apparently having Raccoons as pets, is a normal thing in Russia!!  This being said, due to this hilarious video that has gone viral on YouTube, you are about to learn something about these normally wild creatures, that you would otherwise never be aware of.  The action takes place in a Russian couple’s apartment.

The couple knows that their pet raccoon is a CLEAN FREAK!  To satisfy his need to wash stuff, they have provided him with a small bucket, in which he is initially washing some of his toys. Then they discover he has added a few other items that they don’t want in water.  They promptly remove the things, that they don’t want this industrious critter using, as a part of his cleaning activity.

Clearly, Mr. Racoon is none too pleased that they have removed some of the objects, that he is keen on cleaning.  You will be amazed at how incredibly dextrous his paws are, as he absorbs himself in the task at hand.  The man continues filming his pet, with great pride and fun, in capturing his surprising finesse and passion for cleaning.  All is funny and light, until the couple realizes that after taking away some of the stuff the raccoon was cleaning, he replaced it with one of their prized possessions…watch the freak out!!

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Raccoon Takes a Rock and Bangs It On This Glass Door. The Reason Is Unexpectedly Hilarious!

Raccoon’s are very intelligent animals who have managed to easily adapt to their human influenced surroundings. They can often be spotted scavenging through composts and dumpsters in search of food scraps thrown out in people’s trash.

Lots of them also raid whatever pet food they can find that has been left outside. A few of the wily animals have even been caught on tape entering people’s homes through unsecured pet doors. Once inside they gobble up any food that has been left out for the cat or dog, and sometimes they even fight with or harass the animals living in the houses they break into.

One raccoon has evolved a different approach to getting fed tasty treats by her human friend. Rocksy the raccoon earned her name by the unique method she employs to get refills when the cat food bowl she eats out of is empty.

The smart, furry little animal will find a rock and pick it up with her clawed hands. She then stands at the sliding glass door and uses the rock to knock on the glass until the food bowl is refilled. Rocksy is very adamant and relentless in her quest for fresh food and will stand knocking at the door for hours until she gets what she wants.

The owner of the house who taped Rocksy’s unique ritual says that even though the glass door is all scratched up, she isn’t angry at the animal. In fact, she describes it as hilarious, and from the sound of her reaction on the video she made, she doesn’t mind it one bit.

Rocksy has been living in the woman’s yard for a number of years and the pair know each other well. While she doesn’t remember exactly when or how the clever raccoon figured out the attention grabbing behavior, its been going on for awhile now.

One thing is apparent from this video; the furry masked animals are incredibly smart. Their intelligence has also made them skilled at a range of other similarly related activities that include climbing, vocalizing, adapting, and figuring things out.

Mother raccoon’s are very hands on and make excellent teachers who always ensure that their babies have the care and guidance needed for surviving on their own. In light of that, perhaps Rocksy’s mother taught her the rock knocking behavior as part of her food gathering and survival lesson!

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She Films Her Raccoon Washing His Toys Until She Notices He’s Washing THIS Unexpected Surprise!

I’m not sure which part of this video to be the most impressed by. First of all, I don’t know what language they are speaking or what country they are from, because I am relatively uncultured, and, feeling much like a giggly Homer Simpson, I find the situation mysterious and silly.

Pretty little cups of tea make something quaint about the average looking household. With its simple linoleum floor and laminate counter tops, it is not a place you’d expect a residential raccoon. They have a raccoon as a pet. My only experiences with raccoons have not left me wanting the animal in my home. I’ve always seen them sneaking around at night and making a general mess of things, like smearing trash all about the neighborhood.

I have also witnessed the vicious side of the coon when an employer trapped one and gave me the assignment of releasing its very angry self from a small cage into the woods.

I thought for sure it was going to eat my face. Also, I once found one of my chickens as a leftover carcass hanging from a tree after listening to it lose a battle with a raccoon one fine summer evening. But this pet raccoon seems to have adapted well to domestic life, and stole the woman’s phone in order to give it a bath with all of its toys.

The lady exasperatedly recovers the phone after it was submerged in water. The raccoon immediately found another of the woman’s prized possessions to soak, as she turns to find her shoe floating in the small tub. It seems almost as if someone took a short cartoon and played it out as real life. What a rascally raccoon!

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This Raccoon Wants To Swim In The Pool But His Bro Is Freaking Out. His Reaction Is Hysterical!

It’s one thing when your mom is overprotective, but it’s just too much when your brother thinks it’s his job to set limits for you. It seems that these raccoon brothers are frequent visitors to this family’s pool, when beautiful summer days beckon them to take a dip and cool off.

You can hear the human father and son banter about these two familiar visitors; as they discuss what’s going on they refer to them as Willy and Waylan. Willy can’t wait to get in and take a swim, while Waylan is doing everything in his power to stop them.

It’s hilarious to watch them; you can sense how their conversation is going: “Willy don’t go in!”, “Leave me alone Waylan, look at me swim, this is fun!”, “Get back here now Willy!” “No way, this is fun, stop being a killjoy and come on in!”

As Willy swims back to the edge of the pool, Waylan sees his opening and starts grabbing any part of his brother to get him out. Willy finally gives in after enjoying his swim. His bro wants to get back to the forest. Watching these two interact is hysterical.

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Mom Raccoon Teaches Her Baby To Climb A Tree For The 1st Time. The Result Is Unexpectedly Awesome!

Raccoon babies are often born in the spring to protective mothers who don’t even allow the father near them. Like all babies, the little ones look to their mothers to teach them the ways of the world and how to survive in nature.

The furry masked animals are incredibly smart and their intelligence has made them skilled at a range of activities that include climbing, vocalizing, adapting, and figuring things out. Mother raccoon’s are very hands on and make excellent teachers who always ensure that their babies have the care and guidance needed for surviving on their own.

Part of every young raccoon’s education involves learning how to properly climb trees. They need to be able to climb because up in tall trees is where they are the safest and away from animals that prey on them.

In this awesome YouTube video, uploaded by Jeffrey Reid, a mama raccoon can be observed teaching her young kit how to climb a tree. The mother gently places her baby up against the base of the trunk and hesitates to let go, unsure of whether or not the baby will cling to the bark and catch on naturally.

Soon after she has decided to take another route and brings her kit up higher onto a roof surface. After a quick inspection of the area she again tries to guide the baby onto and up the tree, but he just doesn’t seem confident enough to try.

She then demonstrates the act of climbing by jumping on the trunk and scampering around, but her leap seems to cause the baby to almost fall off the roof! After a lot more tries, fails, near falls, and encouragement, the cute little baby manages to hold on by himself. Then he starts to climb up the tree with his proud mother looking on, and all the effort immediately becomes worth it. 

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