Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s Morning Ritual. So She Got A Camera And Caught THIS

Every once in a while, a creature thinks it is something it doesn’t seem to be. Sometimes, when said creature believes strongly enough, magical things happen. In this case, Coco seems to believe she is a squirrel, which results in her supernatural ability to climb trees in a dog’s body.

Wait a second; isn’t she just chasing the squirrel, like all dogs are prone to do? Some would say it is merely instinctual. But dogs don’t climb trees. Coco’s story is different.

I, for one, choose to believe that Coco literally believes she is a squirrel, and she is searching for her long lost family. She was a squirrel in a past life, perhaps, and was separated at birth from her family. She searched her entire life to be reunited, but in the end she could not find them.

She wanted to be reborn as a squirrel, of course, but miscalculated slightly and ended up a dog. So she makes the best of her situation, evading the boundaries that physics tries to place upon her. Have you ever seen a tree climbing dog? let us know.

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Mom Raccoon Teaches Her Baby To Climb A Tree For The 1st Time. The Result Is Unexpectedly Awesome!

Raccoon babies are often born in the spring to protective mothers who don’t even allow the father near them. Like all babies, the little ones look to their mothers to teach them the ways of the world and how to survive in nature.

The furry masked animals are incredibly smart and their intelligence has made them skilled at a range of activities that include climbing, vocalizing, adapting, and figuring things out. Mother raccoon’s are very hands on and make excellent teachers who always ensure that their babies have the care and guidance needed for surviving on their own.

Part of every young raccoon’s education involves learning how to properly climb trees. They need to be able to climb because up in tall trees is where they are the safest and away from animals that prey on them.

In this awesome YouTube video, uploaded by Jeffrey Reid, a mama raccoon can be observed teaching her young kit how to climb a tree. The mother gently places her baby up against the base of the trunk and hesitates to let go, unsure of whether or not the baby will cling to the bark and catch on naturally.

Soon after she has decided to take another route and brings her kit up higher onto a roof surface. After a quick inspection of the area she again tries to guide the baby onto and up the tree, but he just doesn’t seem confident enough to try.

She then demonstrates the act of climbing by jumping on the trunk and scampering around, but her leap seems to cause the baby to almost fall off the roof! After a lot more tries, fails, near falls, and encouragement, the cute little baby manages to hold on by himself. Then he starts to climb up the tree with his proud mother looking on, and all the effort immediately becomes worth it. 

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