Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s Morning Ritual. So She Got A Camera And Caught THIS

Every once in a while, a creature thinks it is something it doesn’t seem to be. Sometimes, when said creature believes strongly enough, magical things happen. In this case, Coco seems to believe she is a squirrel, which results in her supernatural ability to climb trees in a dog’s body.

Wait a second; isn’t she just chasing the squirrel, like all dogs are prone to do? Some would say it is merely instinctual. But dogs don’t climb trees. Coco’s story is different.

I, for one, choose to believe that Coco literally believes she is a squirrel, and she is searching for her long lost family. She was a squirrel in a past life, perhaps, and was separated at birth from her family. She searched her entire life to be reunited, but in the end she could not find them.

She wanted to be reborn as a squirrel, of course, but miscalculated slightly and ended up a dog. So she makes the best of her situation, evading the boundaries that physics tries to place upon her. Have you ever seen a tree climbing dog? let us know.

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