Once The Pilot and This Lady Get The Plane In The Sky They Notice An Unexpected Surprise Passenger!

This cat was just looking for a place to hang out, but she didn’t realize the heights at which she would be hanging! She must be new to the airport, unless of course she just likes getting high. By the look on her face and her eagerness to get back to solid ground, it seems that she was caught unaware. Whilst taking a nap, I imagine.

In the beginning, it just looks like a routine site seeing flight, but keep your eye out for the extra passenger. When she arrives, it takes the pilot a little while to realize he has a stowaway. The look on his face when he spots her is priceless!

He seems to continue giving his tour, because his human passenger does not notice for a while longer. Maybe he is hoping she won’t notice the cat that could easily hop on her head at any moment. That is a very small airplane with very non-existent doors, and a cat jumping on his passenger would probably not work out very well.

It doesn’t take long for the woman to notice the cat, and I’m sure the pilot was relieved to see her amusement at the situation. The cat hangs on tight and lives to find terra firma once more, gaining a story to tell her friends and using one of her nine lives in the process. Did you enjoy this video? Let us know.

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