She Films Her Raccoon Washing His Toys Until She Notices He’s Washing THIS Unexpected Surprise!

I’m not sure which part of this video to be the most impressed by. First of all, I don’t know what language they are speaking or what country they are from, because I am relatively uncultured, and, feeling much like a giggly Homer Simpson, I find the situation mysterious and silly.

Pretty little cups of tea make something quaint about the average looking household. With its simple linoleum floor and laminate counter tops, it is not a place you’d expect a residential raccoon. They have a raccoon as a pet. My only experiences with raccoons have not left me wanting the animal in my home. I’ve always seen them sneaking around at night and making a general mess of things, like smearing trash all about the neighborhood.

I have also witnessed the vicious side of the coon when an employer trapped one and gave me the assignment of releasing its very angry self from a small cage into the woods.

I thought for sure it was going to eat my face. Also, I once found one of my chickens as a leftover carcass hanging from a tree after listening to it lose a battle with a raccoon one fine summer evening. But this pet raccoon seems to have adapted well to domestic life, and stole the woman’s phone in order to give it a bath with all of its toys.

The lady exasperatedly recovers the phone after it was submerged in water. The raccoon immediately found another of the woman’s prized possessions to soak, as she turns to find her shoe floating in the small tub. It seems almost as if someone took a short cartoon and played it out as real life. What a rascally raccoon!

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