Watch What Happens When An Eagle Collides With a Drone!

The flying of drones, as an everyday “fun” activity around the countryside, can cause unexpected peril to wildlife and other flying objects. Adam Lancaster, an Australian man, was flying his┬ádrone quadcopter, when it met up with a large female wedge-tailed eagle, one of Australia’s largest bird’s of prey.

Whether the bird went after the drone or whether it was an unexpected collision is up to the viewer to decide, as the incident was captured by the drone’s camera. According to Lancaster, the eagle was unharmed and flew away; a fact that isn’t clearly shown on the video.

Whether the eagle survived unharmed or not, this incident shows the potential peril for birds of prey and other birds as drones in the skies become more commonplace.

There are numerous other videos of eagles, hawks, falcons and other birds of prey attacking drones in the sky. As they probably perceive them as a threat to their existence, they are likely to attack them. Whether they survive the attack of this metal object can be a threat to their existence.

Lancaster came out of this incident strongly advising all drone pilots to land if a bird of prey is sighted, so that the safety of both birds and drones can be insured.

However, after watching this video, the question of the safety of drones to wildlife is raised in an alarming way. Please watch and share this video which raises important questions about the use of drones in our skies.

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