Raccoon Takes a Rock and Bangs It On This Glass Door. The Reason Is Unexpectedly Hilarious!

Raccoon’s are very intelligent animals who have managed to easily adapt to their human influenced surroundings. They can often be spotted scavenging through composts and dumpsters in search of food scraps thrown out in people’s trash.

Lots of them also raid whatever pet food they can find that has been left outside. A few of the wily animals have even been caught on tape entering people’s homes through unsecured pet doors. Once inside they gobble up any food that has been left out for the cat or dog, and sometimes they even fight with or harass the animals living in the houses they break into.

One raccoon has evolved a different approach to getting fed tasty treats by her human friend. Rocksy the raccoon earned her name by the unique method she employs to get refills when the cat food bowl she eats out of is empty.

The smart, furry little animal will find a rock and pick it up with her clawed hands. She then stands at the sliding glass door and uses the rock to knock on the glass until the food bowl is refilled. Rocksy is very adamant and relentless in her quest for fresh food and will stand knocking at the door for hours until she gets what she wants.

The owner of the house who taped Rocksy’s unique ritual says that even though the glass door is all scratched up, she isn’t angry at the animal. In fact, she describes it as hilarious, and from the sound of her reaction on the video she made, she doesn’t mind it one bit.

Rocksy has been living in the woman’s yard for a number of years and the pair know each other well. While she doesn’t remember exactly when or how the clever raccoon figured out the attention grabbing behavior, its been going on for awhile now.

One thing is apparent from this video; the furry masked animals are incredibly smart. Their intelligence has also made them skilled at a range of other similarly related activities that include climbing, vocalizing, adapting, and figuring things out.

Mother raccoon’s are very hands on and make excellent teachers who always ensure that their babies have the care and guidance needed for surviving on their own. In light of that, perhaps Rocksy’s mother taught her the rock knocking behavior as part of her food gathering and survival lesson!

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