This Guilty Dog Just Got Caught. Now Watch His Unexpectedly Surprising Reaction!

We all react differently when we get caught red handed doing something that we know is wrong. Some people will deny they are doing anything bad, regardless of how obviously caught they are. Others stop whatever they were doing, own up to their guilt, and apologize for any wrongdoing. And some will grovel in remorse and beg for forgiveness.

The latter reaction is how one guilty dog reacted when his owner scolded him for doing something wrong. The Italian man, Anthony Federica Granai, posted a video on Facebook of his furry friend Ettore the dog working his best sad, adorable, puppy-eyed look on him.

The sweet clip is aptly titled “Please Forgive Me” and it has quickly gone viral with over 14 million views in under a week. Apparently the cute pup made a hole in the couch and Mr. Granai was understandably displeased about his furniture being messed up.

Ettore lowers his ears and carefully starts to climb onto his friend’s lap while receiving a stern dress down. He continues to try to make everything better by rubbing his head affectionately against his owner and snuggling up even closer to him, but he is not yet ready to let his sad dog off the hook.

Finally, Ettore takes his apology to the next level as he places both front paws up on Mr. Granai’s shoulders. That is when the two make peace as the man hugs him back and accepts his puppies sincere apology. It seems that the saying “all is well that ends well” applies to this situation.

The next time you get caught red handed and are about to get an earful try Ettore’s approach to an apology. All you have to do is remain quiet, look remorseful, and slowly embrace the person you offended all while appearing to grovel for forgiveness, until you are hopefully forgiven!

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