Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Creatures Strange Sound. So She Revealed THIS

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Arctic foxes are beautiful animals with white fur coats and soft bushy tails. A lesser known fact is that they also seem to have a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh that’s hard to not smile at when you hear it. The cute little guy in this video named Archer is proof of that. Video of him laughing has gone viral ever since his owner, 25 year old Krista Shafer of Battle Creek, Michigan, uploaded it to Vine.

In the clip Archer can be seen sitting on the floor among a pile of clothing. When Ms. Shafer’s boyfriend lets out a little chuckle in the background, the fox immediately joins in the laughter. Archer closes his eyes, tosses his head back, and giggles in delight as he rolls around on the floor!

The high pitched sounds he emits sound exactly like a person laughing and the sight of him is simply adorable. He looks like he just heard a funny story or the punchline to a good joke, you have to see and hear him to understand how truly human-like he sounds!

This isn’t a one-time thing for Archer, he laughs all the time, especially towards the end of the day when he’s tired and sleepy. According to Ms. Shafer he “usually starts giggling whenever my boyfriend laughs… he’s a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox.”

Judging by the clip of him cackling in delight, that looks to be the case. The video has also managed to make a lot of people happy and laugh along with it. In just 3 days after it was originally posted it has been viewed an astounding 29 million times and counting!

Ms. Shafer got Archer when he was just a kit, having bought him from a breeder in Indiana. While wild animals should remain in the wild where they belong, many foxes have been successfully domesticated. That’s because long ago they were kept for their fur before a switch led to them being raised instead as companion animals.

As such, Archer was never truly wild since his natural instincts have essentially been bred out of him and he wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. Now he lives with his adoring caretaker and spends his days happily playing and laughing up a storm. Check out the adorable fox and see how funny his laugh is!

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Daddy Shows His Baby a Dandelion For The First Time Ever But His Reaction Made Me Spit My Drink Out!

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There is nothing more delicious than the sound of a young tot’s laugh when he is experiencing something for the first time.  It’s often the simplest thing that tickles his funny bone.  I’ve seen many videos of babies laughing and they always set off my own giggles.  This one has just left me in a good mood all day!

Little Buzz Fletcher (adorable name) is strapped to his dad’s (Tom) back to take a walk in the park.  Tom comes upon a dandelion that has the white fuzz.  He picks it and blows the top off for little Buzz.  The darling boy’s delight and laughter is a sound that I can listen to over and over.  And I have!

His dad couldn’t get enough of Buzz’s reaction either, as he picked several more dandelions to elicit his hysterical laughter.  His tiny little four front teeth are shown off as he bursts into fits of laughter, that keeps his dad giggling too.  Watch and rewatch!  It’ll make your day!

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