Mama Fox Watches These Humans Trying To Save Her Baby Stuck In A Drain. Then The Unthinkable Occurs.

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It is always amazing to watch the behavior of wildlife when humans need to intercede in an emergency.  For the mother of a tiny baby fox cub, who has fallen down a drainpipe in Bexhill, England, it was waiting and watching from a distance, as if she “knew” that the rescuers were there to help find her baby.

As all mother’s of young children know, you really have to keep your eyes on them constantly, because all it takes is a few seconds for them to be lost or in trouble. This mother fox, was definitely concerned about her little one, as she watched the “East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service” looking down the drainpipe to catch site of the baby whom they could hear, but not see.

The cub had gone so far down the drainpipe, that the rescuers had to lower a cell phone camera, in order to find the frightened little animal.  They discovered that the cub was too deeply down the pipe for them to reach him.  They waited patiently, watching the cub attempt to climb out by himself, and get close enough for them to grab and rescue.  It took three attempts, before Trevor Weeks could get a hold of the cub’s tail, and gently lift him out of the drain.

Wait until you see this tiny baby at the moment of rescue; the poor little thing is filthy and appears shocked, as he allows his human rescuer to comfort him. They clean him up and place him in an open carrier.  Mom, who has been watching from a distance, reappears and what happens next is both adorable and heartwarming.  Enjoy the footage below.

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Dog Looks Out The Window And Sees a Fox Playing With His Toy. He Proceeds To Throw a Funny Tantrum.

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Foxes are often depicted as crafty, cunning little animals that sneak around. In books and literature they’re always raiding hen houses and getting into trouble, but in real life they’re not as shifty or mischievous as they’re made out to be. Think about it, they can be found all over the world and yet as soon as you catch a glimpse of one, they dash off quickly and vanish out of sight. At least that’s how a fox sighting usually goes. However, not all foxes are so sly and mysterious. Many foxes are just like dogs and cats in that they love to let loose and have fun!

That’s exactly what this cute one likes to do. The red fox was caught on camera playing with a doggy toy by Ardes Gayangos Ng who lives up in Yukon, Canada. Ardes shares her home with Lupe Johnson, the sweet little Chiweenie dog in the clip who’s not a fan of the fox! (Chiweenie = a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund).

Poor Lupe can only look on helplessly as the wild fox has the time of its life playing around with a toy she left out in the yard. This may be the first real toy the red fox has ever come across and its clearly gotten him all riled up. He rolls around in the grass and tosses the toy high in the air before leaping up and pursuing after it. He plays better with toys than most dogs and cats do.

All this wild tumbling and bouncing around does not sit well with little Lupe. She sits in the window staring out at the scene, watching as her toy gets chased around the yard by some other animal. Lupe is either jealous or she’s eager to play along with the fox. She barks and growls while intently following the action that’s unfolding outside. While several comments on the video suggest she was angry, others are more sympathetic to the dog’s plight and thought that the fox was trying to tease her!

Regardless of what the fox’s intent or the hound’s true feelings may have been, the moment is definitely a sight you have to see. The red fox is showing a very special, rarely seen side of his nature, one that people never ever get to witness. He looks so happy and at ease in the grassy yard, not to mention the way he plays around with the toy is hilarious!

Enjoy the video below!

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Video – This Fox Heard Something Moving Around In The Snow. His Next Move Is Awesome!

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There are all sorts of interesting fox facts. Arctic foxes don’t even feel cold until temperatures get down to -70 degrees Celsius (-94 Fahrenheit). Some foxes like to sleep in trees. Red foxes have the widest geographical range of any carnivorous species and can adapt to life seemingly anywhere; rural areas, cities, the extreme north, deserts.

They were introduced to Australia in the 19th century and now thrive there. Perhaps the most unique and interesting bit of fox information is that they may use the Earth’s magnetic field to hunt prey. If this is true, then they are the only animal to use this 6th sense to hunt for dinner.

This video shows a red fox using his sensitive hearing, coupled with the North Pole’s magnetic field, to plan his leap through the air. The furry hunter makes it look cute and easy, but catching dinner actually involves a very complex and calculated process. It starts with his highly sensitive ears that can detect the faintest of noises, such as a mouse scurrying, below the deep snow. Simultaneously, he focuses in on the Northern Hemisphere’s downward sloping magnetic field.

It is believed that foxes are able to see the Earth’s magnetic field as a ring of shadow on their retinas, which is darkest towards magnetic north. When the fox hears the mouse reach that shadow they are lined up. Now he is able to estimate the distance between himself and dinner and its time to pounce. Going headfirst down through the snow is the only way to hunt when your prey is buried up to three feet below the surface. Their tails also come in handy by directing the flight path so they can land on top of the scurrying rodents.

The magnetic hunting theory is based off evidence collected in a study conducted by Czech scientist Jaroslave Cerveny. His team recorded 84 foxes jumping almost 600 times. When they pounced in a northeasterly direction, 20 degrees off magnetic north, their kill rate was 73%. Jumping in the opposite direction, southwesterly, yielded a 60% kill rate.

And finally, jumping in any other direction resulted in catching dinner only 18% of the time. From these results arose the hypothesis that foxes use the magnetic field as a tracking and honing device to help catch dinner. Amazing stuff. Thanks science!!

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Guys Were Working When They Spot a Puppy Covered In Mud. But When They Wash Him Off They Get an Unthinkable Surprise!

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Canary Wharf in London is heavily populated with skyscrapers and businesses. It also is constantly the setting of construction sites. It’s certainly not the place where one would expect to encounter exotic wildlife. However, on a normal day in 2012, some construction workers would find just that.

On a particularly nice spring day, a group of builders was digging away at a site in the area. In the midst of this digging, they encountered something strange. One worker heard cries coming from a hole in the construction site. Upon further investigation, he spotted a lump at the bottom. A lump that was moving.

The workers sprung into action devising a plan to rescue the lump. They pulled it out of the hole and observed an animal caked in mud. It was so completely coated in mud that most of its features had been obscured. They could make out what they thought might be a puppy.

The so-called puppy was in bad shape and clearly needed special attention. They brought the animal to South Essex Wildlife Hospital. The specialists removed the mud from the animal and nursed it back to health. It was only then that they identified the animal. It was not a puppy at all! In fact, it was actually a four-month-old red fox.

The workers were amazed that such an animal had been in such an urban area. Remarkably, according to an estimate published by the Guardian in 2017, there are actually close to 150,000 urban foxes living in the UK. Who knew?

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Fishermen On This Boat Spotted What They Thought Was a Seal But They Approached It and Got a Closer Look!

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When a group of crab fishermen set out in their boat one summer day, they never could have imagined what they’d end up catching.  It all started early on a June morning when the crew, Mallory Harrigan, Cliff Russell, and Alan Russell, were cruising off the coast of Labrador, Canada.  Due to an unusually large amount of sea ice, they’d been unable to set out any earlier and were running a little later than expected. Despite the delay, it was business as usual and they busied themselves setting up all the fishing gear for the day ahead.  

They had set a course for a small town on the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador called Pincent’s Arm where they planned to fuel up their boat, The Northern Swan.  It was while they were enroute to their destination that they spotted something strange up ahead on a mushroom shaped piece of ice that was floating in the middle of the ocean.  

Being four miles out from the nearest shore, they assumed it must be a seal at first.  However, they noticed that a bunch of seagulls were circling the animal and if it was a seal it would have slipped back into the water to avoid the pesky birds.  They motored closer to get a better look and soon realized that they were actually looking at an arctic fox that had become stranded on the small piece of ice! He must have been looking for food when the ice broke apart and ended up floating out to sea before he could get back to land.  

Knowing that it faced certain death if they didn’t get it off the melting iceberg, the crew decided to rescue the poor fox.  Naturally they hesitated, being that the fox was essentially a cornered wild animal, it could potentially lash out at them. Even so, they decided to take the risk because they were his only hope for survival. 

They first tried coaxing the fox onto the boat, but he was too timid and afraid to even get close to them.  They soon realized that the only way to get him was to break the ice he was on so that he’d fall in the water and from there they could scoop him out with their dipnet.  After they broke the ice, the fox tried to swim away but he was already exhausted and weak from not eating or sleeping, so the crew didn’t have to wait long before they were able to scoop him up and onto the boat.  

As soon as the fox was safely on board he scurried over to a corner and curled up into a ball.  The fishermen tried to feed him some crackers they had, but the fox wasn’t interested. Shortly afterwards they’d reached Pincent’s Arm where they set about making a bed for the fox out of sawdust and fish pans.  Their goal was to get him warmed up and dry, and once the fox settled into his new bed, he fell asleep right away.  

While the fox slept the group went about their business before heading home to William’s Harbor.  Hours passed before the fox finally woke up and when he did, he was thirsty and hungry. He was also relatively tame; he must have sensed the people were only trying to help him.  

After he ate a tin of Vienna sausages he perked right up.  The fishermen monitored him and once they decided that he could go off and survive in the wild they released him.  His new home was on a small island in the harbor which had been used to house sled dogs in the past. There were old dog homes he could use for shelter and plenty of small animals and birds for him to hunt.  After they re-homed the fox, they said he ran off to explore and that they still see him every now and then chasing after his dinner!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Creatures Strange Sound. So She Revealed THIS

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Arctic foxes are beautiful animals with white fur coats and soft bushy tails. A lesser known fact is that they also seem to have a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh that’s hard to not smile at when you hear it. The cute little guy in this video named Archer is proof of that. Video of him laughing has gone viral ever since his owner, 25 year old Krista Shafer of Battle Creek, Michigan, uploaded it to Vine.

In the clip Archer can be seen sitting on the floor among a pile of clothing. When Ms. Shafer’s boyfriend lets out a little chuckle in the background, the fox immediately joins in the laughter. Archer closes his eyes, tosses his head back, and giggles in delight as he rolls around on the floor!

The high pitched sounds he emits sound exactly like a person laughing and the sight of him is simply adorable. He looks like he just heard a funny story or the punchline to a good joke, you have to see and hear him to understand how truly human-like he sounds!

This isn’t a one-time thing for Archer, he laughs all the time, especially towards the end of the day when he’s tired and sleepy. According to Ms. Shafer he “usually starts giggling whenever my boyfriend laughs… he’s a very vocal, very loving, very happy fox.”

Judging by the clip of him cackling in delight, that looks to be the case. The video has also managed to make a lot of people happy and laugh along with it. In just 3 days after it was originally posted it has been viewed an astounding 29 million times and counting!

Ms. Shafer got Archer when he was just a kit, having bought him from a breeder in Indiana. While wild animals should remain in the wild where they belong, many foxes have been successfully domesticated. That’s because long ago they were kept for their fur before a switch led to them being raised instead as companion animals.

As such, Archer was never truly wild since his natural instincts have essentially been bred out of him and he wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. Now he lives with his adoring caretaker and spends his days happily playing and laughing up a storm. Check out the adorable fox and see how funny his laugh is!

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