They Thought They Rescued A Puppy In The Woods But It Turned Out Not Even Being A Dog! I’m Speechless!

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When a family came across a hurt and abandoned baby animal in the Marsh Lake woods of Whitehorse, Canada they assumed it was a puppy. The tiny ball of fur certainly looked just like a weeks, or even days, old dog as its eyes were yet to even open.

Ralph Shopland, the father of the family who found the little guy told CBC News “I just defaulted to thinking it was a dog.” After posting notices on Facebook, asking for help and a wet nurse, the baby was placed with a surrogate dog who nursed and cared for it!

Soon it became clear this baby was no puppy. Guesses as to what he could be ranged from otter to wolverine and soon the answer appeared. The baby’s face changed, his ears stood up, a white tip appeared on his tail, and he became very smelly.

He was so stinky that staff even had to change his blanket every 3 hours to minimize it. All this evidence pointed to the fact that he is a red fox! The Yukon Wildlife Preserve ended up taking in the tiny kit, nursed him to health, and gave him a place to live.

Since he had been partly raised and imprinted on by humans, it is in his best interest to stay there. The staff try to spend as little amount of time possible with him in order to minimize his comfort level around, and dependence on, humans.

Initially, they did not have the proper habitat for a fox cub but were able to build him one after raising enough money. Today he is full grown and lives in the new habitat, but he is all alone. The word has been put out to zoos and the like that the Yukon Wildlife Preserve is looking for a friend to keep the fox company.

Hopefully they will get a response and the fox can soon play with and share his home with a new friend. Share this story and video to help spread the word and find the fox a companion all the sooner!

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She Spots A Helpless Fox Being Attacked By A Pack Of Hounds. Her Reaction Puts Her Life At Risk!

Men in dashing red coats and fancy riding gear looked very elegant on their beautiful horses, who’s tails had been tied in what looked like french braids, were about to go on a hunt.  The scene could have been out of a movie staged in the 1700’s.

In fact, it was a fox hunt about to commence in Britain, that was current.  Fox hunting has been outlawed in Britain, but despite this ban it still goes on in aristocratic circles (in this video), with many foxes being killed. Fox hunting occurs with dogs.

In this video the Old Berks Fox Hounds were being tracked by a group called Hunt Monitors.  Animal welfare activists and hunters often clash, as this activity that is so gruesome, continues.  As the fox hounds spot a fox and go in for an attack, about to maul the fox to death, a woman emerges screaming for them to stop!

Risking her own life, she runs into this very dangerous group of hounds in the midst of their attack, desperately screaming as she tries to save the fox from certain death. This monitor certainly could have been badly injured or killed herself both by the dogs, and even the fox itself, who was terrified, having been surrounded and bowled over onto her back.

With her stomach exposed the savage killing was about to commence, had this brave woman not risked her own safety to whisk the terrified fox to safety. The dogs were about to maul the poor animal to death. She was in fact bitten by the fox whom she had snatched to safety!  Impervious to her own well being, she cradles the animal and runs screaming for help to her fellow monitor’s car, to get the fox to safety.

It was reported that the fox was checked by a vet, and no serious dog bites were found.  The Hunt Monitors went on to say that after rehabilitation, this fox was brought to an area in which it would be safe from the hunters.  Watching this scene unfold in this video, was somewhat surreal.

The “elegant” hunters on horseback about to kill for sport, contrasted with the sudden appearance of this courageous woman willing to risk her life to save this fox, was mind-boggling to watch.  Often the activists will spray oils to mislead the hounds from the scent of the fox, but not in this case.

This unbelievably brave young woman was willing to risk her life, rather than allowing a helpless animal be destroyed for sport.  Her dedication is awe-inspiring! Watch the incredible footage below and let us know what you think!

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THIS Dog Left His Toy Outside and A Fox Found It. The Dog’s Reaction Is Hilarious!

The old saying “sly as a fox” doesn’t seem to apply to this cute one caught on camera playing with a dog’s toy.  The memorable moment was shared on YouTube by Ardes Gayangos Ng, who lives in Yukon, Canada, with her dog Lupe Johnson.  Lupe is an adorable little Chiweenie, a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund.  She can be seen in the video looking out the window watching the the toy thief as he merrily rolls around chasing her ball in the yard.

The red fox is clearly having an awesome time with the toy as he excitedly leaps up in the air and pursues it.  He tumbles in the grass and bounces around wildly, behaving just like a dog would.  Lupe seems to be either jealous that his toy is being used by the wild animal or he is eager to play along with him.  He barks and stares intently at the scene unfolding outside and some comments suggest he was outraged while others thought the fox was trying to tease the dog.

Whatever their intentions and true feelings about the situation, the moment is definitely a sight to behold.  The fox is showing a rare side of his nature that people never really get to witness.  He looks so content and happy and the way he plays around with the toy is hilarious.  If Lupe truly was mad perhaps next time he will not leave his toys unattended in the yard!

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