They Thought They Rescued A Puppy In The Woods But It Turned Out Not Even Being A Dog! I’m Speechless!

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When a family came across a hurt and abandoned baby animal in the Marsh Lake woods of Whitehorse, Canada they assumed it was a puppy. The tiny ball of fur certainly looked just like a weeks, or even days, old dog as its eyes were yet to even open.

Ralph Shopland, the father of the family who found the little guy told CBC News “I just defaulted to thinking it was a dog.” After posting notices on Facebook, asking for help and a wet nurse, the baby was placed with a surrogate dog who nursed and cared for it!

Soon it became clear this baby was no puppy. Guesses as to what he could be ranged from otter to wolverine and soon the answer appeared. The baby’s face changed, his ears stood up, a white tip appeared on his tail, and he became very smelly.

He was so stinky that staff even had to change his blanket every 3 hours to minimize it. All this evidence pointed to the fact that he is a red fox! The Yukon Wildlife Preserve ended up taking in the tiny kit, nursed him to health, and gave him a place to live.

Since he had been partly raised and imprinted on by humans, it is in his best interest to stay there. The staff try to spend as little amount of time possible with him in order to minimize his comfort level around, and dependence on, humans.

Initially, they did not have the proper habitat for a fox cub but were able to build him one after raising enough money. Today he is full grown and lives in the new habitat, but he is all alone. The word has been put out to zoos and the like that the Yukon Wildlife Preserve is looking for a friend to keep the fox company.

Hopefully they will get a response and the fox can soon play with and share his home with a new friend. Share this story and video to help spread the word and find the fox a companion all the sooner!

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