Have You Ever Noticed A Fence Painted Purple? It Means THIS..

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Seeing purple paint on fences in rural Texas is extremely common, but many people don’t know what it means. The practice began in 1989, as a subtle way of letting strangers know that they were entering a private area. Most people have no clue what this purple fence means but awareness could easily stop an unnecessary tragedy from happening.

You might think that “No Trespassing” signs would be a more direct way of reminding people of land boundaries, however those signs would often disappear or be damaged. Texas passed a law in 1997, that would particularly alert hunters and fisherman not to go further, saying that purple paint meant “No Trespassing”.

In the video you are about to watch below, you will hear more about how this came about, and why the color purple was used. The Purple Paint Law has also gone into effect in Illinois, and violation because you are ignorant of what it means is no excuse.

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