She Spots A Helpless Fox Being Attacked By A Pack Of Hounds. Her Reaction Puts Her Life At Risk!

Men in dashing red coats and fancy riding gear looked very elegant on their beautiful horses, who’s tails had been tied in what looked like french braids, were about to go on a hunt.  The scene could have been out of a movie staged in the 1700’s.

In fact, it was a fox hunt about to commence in Britain, that was current.  Fox hunting has been outlawed in Britain, but despite this ban it still goes on in aristocratic circles (in this video), with many foxes being killed. Fox hunting occurs with dogs.

In this video the Old Berks Fox Hounds were being tracked by a group called Hunt Monitors.  Animal welfare activists and hunters often clash, as this activity that is so gruesome, continues.  As the fox hounds spot a fox and go in for an attack, about to maul the fox to death, a woman emerges screaming for them to stop!

Risking her own life, she runs into this very dangerous group of hounds in the midst of their attack, desperately screaming as she tries to save the fox from certain death. This monitor certainly could have been badly injured or killed herself both by the dogs, and even the fox itself, who was terrified, having been surrounded and bowled over onto her back.

With her stomach exposed the savage killing was about to commence, had this brave woman not risked her own safety to whisk the terrified fox to safety. The dogs were about to maul the poor animal to death. She was in fact bitten by the fox whom she had snatched to safety!  Impervious to her own well being, she cradles the animal and runs screaming for help to her fellow monitor’s car, to get the fox to safety.

It was reported that the fox was checked by a vet, and no serious dog bites were found.  The Hunt Monitors went on to say that after rehabilitation, this fox was brought to an area in which it would be safe from the hunters.  Watching this scene unfold in this video, was somewhat surreal.

The “elegant” hunters on horseback about to kill for sport, contrasted with the sudden appearance of this courageous woman willing to risk her life to save this fox, was mind-boggling to watch.  Often the activists will spray oils to mislead the hounds from the scent of the fox, but not in this case.

This unbelievably brave young woman was willing to risk her life, rather than allowing a helpless animal be destroyed for sport.  Her dedication is awe-inspiring! Watch the incredible footage below and let us know what you think!

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