Dog Looks Out The Window And Sees a Fox Playing With His Toy. He Proceeds To Throw a Funny Tantrum.

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Foxes are often depicted as crafty, cunning little animals that sneak around. In books and literature they’re always raiding hen houses and getting into trouble, but in real life they’re not as shifty or mischievous as they’re made out to be. Think about it, they can be found all over the world and yet as soon as you catch a glimpse of one, they dash off quickly and vanish out of sight. At least that’s how a fox sighting usually goes. However, not all foxes are so sly and mysterious. Many foxes are just like dogs and cats in that they love to let loose and have fun!

That’s exactly what this cute one likes to do. The red fox was caught on camera playing with a doggy toy by Ardes Gayangos Ng who lives up in Yukon, Canada. Ardes shares her home with Lupe Johnson, the sweet little Chiweenie dog in the clip who’s not a fan of the fox! (Chiweenie = a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund).

Poor Lupe can only look on helplessly as the wild fox has the time of its life playing around with a toy she left out in the yard. This may be the first real toy the red fox has ever come across and its clearly gotten him all riled up. He rolls around in the grass and tosses the toy high in the air before leaping up and pursuing after it. He plays better with toys than most dogs and cats do.

All this wild tumbling and bouncing around does not sit well with little Lupe. She sits in the window staring out at the scene, watching as her toy gets chased around the yard by some other animal. Lupe is either jealous or she’s eager to play along with the fox. She barks and growls while intently following the action that’s unfolding outside. While several comments on the video suggest she was angry, others are more sympathetic to the dog’s plight and thought that the fox was trying to tease her!

Regardless of what the fox’s intent or the hound’s true feelings may have been, the moment is definitely a sight you have to see. The red fox is showing a very special, rarely seen side of his nature, one that people never ever get to witness. He looks so happy and at ease in the grassy yard, not to mention the way he plays around with the toy is hilarious!

Enjoy the video below!

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An Engineer Just Built His Pup The Most Genius Toy Ever. The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless!

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Usually the game ‘Fetch’ is played with a human and their dog.  An object such as a ball or a stick is used in the game.  The human usually launches the object a certain distance from the animal and then the animal goes and retrieves it and brings it back.  Very rarely cats have been known to dabble and engage in this fetching behavior.

In the video below, an engineer has constructed a fetching machine for his pup.  The apparatus works like this, the dog drops the ball into a slot.  The dog then runs over to a wood 2×4 and starts pressing down on it like a lever.  Eventually enough force is placed on the wood stick that the ball shoots out from the slot and flies into the distance.

The dog runs, fetches, and brings the ball back to the place it first dropped it. Some may say this human is lazy and should just play fetch with his dog.  But as the old saying goes, work smarter not harder.  That motto usually goes a long way when it comes to engineering and physics.

This pup seems so satisfied with his new toy, I think he will be enjoying this for years to come! 🙂

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His Human Washes His Favorite Stuffed Toy. Now Watch What The Hidden Video Camera Caught!

Nothing demonstrates a Golden Retriever’s natural affinity for retrieving stuff than this video. In it an adorable and very sweet looking Retriever is on a mission to find her favorite teddy bear! Her mom took the stuffed bear to clean it and stuck it in the washing machine.

Knowing how much her dog loves the plushy toy, mom explained that “We set up a little sting operation to see if we could catch her on camera stealing it out of the washing machine…” One hidden camera shows the sneaky dog entering the laundry room, whereupon she immediately catches sight of her teddy bear in the front loading washer.

Tail wagging, she heads right on over to the machine and after a quick look about she sticks her head in and grabs the bear with her teeth. A second camera mounted inside the machine records the adorable moment, giving us a clear shot of the action. Mission accomplished, the dog rescued her favorite teddy and now it’s back in her loving paws!

The video shows that this Golden Retriever certainly lives up to her name, as the dogs were originally bred in the mid 19th century to find and recover game birds and waterfowl. She went straight for her teddy bear and scooped it out of the washer. It’s kind of like the modern day urban equivalent of getting a bird out of a pond!

While she didn’t get wet, she probably wouldn’t have been bothered if she had. Retrieving activities required the dogs to jump into all sorts of marshes, streams, and other bodies of water so they had to be easily trainable and couldn’t hesitate to get wet. Over the years the breed has become well known for their love of water, and with their naturally water-repellent coats, they are more than built for it.

Golden Retrievers are awesome companions and make wonderful family pets. They are sweet, loyal, trainable and even-tempered dogs who are perfect for families with young children. Those traits, along with their intelligence, also makes them excellent service dogs, especially for the blind. The list goes on and on and there are so many other great qualities about this breed.

One that stands out is their instinctive ability to find and recover items, like their favorite teddy bears and plushy toys!

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THIS Dog Left His Toy Outside and A Fox Found It. The Dog’s Reaction Is Hilarious!

The old saying “sly as a fox” doesn’t seem to apply to this cute one caught on camera playing with a dog’s toy.  The memorable moment was shared on YouTube by Ardes Gayangos Ng, who lives in Yukon, Canada, with her dog Lupe Johnson.  Lupe is an adorable little Chiweenie, a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund.  She can be seen in the video looking out the window watching the the toy thief as he merrily rolls around chasing her ball in the yard.

The red fox is clearly having an awesome time with the toy as he excitedly leaps up in the air and pursues it.  He tumbles in the grass and bounces around wildly, behaving just like a dog would.  Lupe seems to be either jealous that his toy is being used by the wild animal or he is eager to play along with him.  He barks and stares intently at the scene unfolding outside and some comments suggest he was outraged while others thought the fox was trying to tease the dog.

Whatever their intentions and true feelings about the situation, the moment is definitely a sight to behold.  The fox is showing a rare side of his nature that people never really get to witness.  He looks so content and happy and the way he plays around with the toy is hilarious.  If Lupe truly was mad perhaps next time he will not leave his toys unattended in the yard!

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Humans Try To Take Away This Panda’s Ball. Now Watch His Adorable Fit As He Attempts To Keep It.

Out of all the toys that young children and animals have, there is always one that’s their favorite. Usually it’s a soft, plushy stuffed animal like a teddy bear that they end up growing attached to and they take it with them on all their adventures and just about everywhere they go. If it ever gets lost, misplaced, or taken away from them, it can be a very distressing experience.

For one adorable baby panda named Xiao Liwu, his favorite toy happens to be a small green ball. As you can see in this clip of him, he absolutely loves rolling around and holding onto his ball and won’t let anyone take it away from him, not even his caretakers! He gnaws at it gently and hugs it tightly against his little chest, making it plain to see that the ball brings him comfort. He’s looks like the sweetest baby bear and it brings back childhood memories watching him play with his toys.

Xiao Liwu lives at the San Diego Zoo and has called it home ever since he was born there in 2002. These days he is a full grown Giant Panda bear but when this video was recorded he was just a few months old. He represents and is part of the continued growth and existence of a healthy Panda population.

These days Giant Panda’s are under threat and they’re now classified as an endangered species. Part of why they’re so vulnerable is that their range is small. They only live in a couple of mountain ranges in Central China and those areas are being developed more frequently with farmers and other industries clearing the land and forest. While no one knows exactly how many of them are still living in the wild, estimates place the number anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000.

In recent years, thanks to conservation efforts and diplomacy, China has been sending Pandas to different countries as part of an exchange program. Whenever a Panda is brought to a new zoo in a country they’re met with lots of excitement, celebration, and fanfare. Special habitats are constructed and a highly skilled team of handlers, zookeepers, and veterinarians are assembled. The conservation efforts of zoos are becoming vitally important for the survival of Pandas and Xiao Liwu is proof of how these programs are working.

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She Brings Her Cockatoo To The Store And Gets Him a Toy. The Bird Then Throws a Hysterical Tantrum

Many people love bringing their adorable pets along with them when they stop in to visit the pet store. It’s not only convenient, it also offers them a new way to socialize their animals by getting them out of the house and their familiar surroundings. While dogs are by far the most common pet you’ll spot in a store, every now and then someone brings in a cat or a hamster or even their pet pig.

It’s not very often that anyone brings in their pet cockatoo and this video clip sheds some light onto one of the reasons why this may be so! Cockatoos rank among the loudest animals in the world and the shrill, high pitched noises they make can be ear splitting. Combine that with the fact that they love to talk and scream and you get Pickles, the white cockatoo seen here.

Pickles owner brought her feathered friend along with her to the pet store and let’s just say that he wasn’t all that thrilled about the outing. As a peace offering she gave him a tasty treat to chew on but he was unimpressed with the gift and tossed it on the floor. Then the little guy started squawking up a storm and moments later he had managed to work himself up into a noisy fit.

His feathers were really ruffled after a few stern words from his mother and that’s when Pickles proceeded to throw the most hysterical tantrum! He flapped around on his grocery cart perch and noisily stomped back and forth across the handle bar as he made a scene. This is definitely one cockatoo with some major attitude. He’s loud, in charge, and knows it!

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