Video – He Faces The Same Problem Every Afternoon But When He Pulls Open The Door It’s Hilarious

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The guy in the footage you are about to watch, opened his back porch door one day and saw a stray cat. Feeling sorry for the kitty he gave it some food. If you are an animal lover, or just are kind, you can understand the action he took. I guess nobody warned him about how cats work! But he will soon find out!

The cat, having been fed, showed up more frequently whereupon the man showed the same kindness. So the kitty caught on pretty quickly, and then told one of his friends about the situation. One day the man opened his porch door and found two cats awaiting his kindness.

Some time passed and word got around. In this season of giving it would certainly sound mean and heartless to warn someone about feeding a stray animal. The video you are about to watch, will fast forward you to the upshot of this man’s act of kindness. I’m not quite sure what the life lesson is to be concluded.

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He Starts Throwing Buckets Of Food Into The Water. Seconds Later The Most Unexpected Surprise!

When you’re a fish and live in the ocean or a river you have to constantly be on the lookout for your next meal. Whether it happens to be another fish, or a nice tasty worm, you take whatever you can get because there is just no way of knowing when you’re going to eat next.

When a human starts to throw a bunch of food in the water, you better eat that up as well. After all, a fish can only be so lucky to come across a feast, like the one in this video. In the clip a young man stands among 23 orange buckets that are fulled to the brim with fish food pellets.

He is at the edge of a pier or wooden dock next to a large body of water and a few other people mill about. The guy says something to the camera and then starts to pick up a bucket of food and flings its contents into the water. Immediately, a lot of fish start to chow down on the tasty treats and the water begins to churn once several more buckets of pellets are tossed in.

As more and more fish start fighting for the food the water begins to appear as if it is boiling from all the splashing and fish bodies flying around. Bucket after bucket after bucket of food gets tossed to the fishes and a humongous, and inevitable, feeding frenzy is soon under way.

While it is not clear where exactly this took place, or for what reason, it’s definitely a pretty wild sight to see all those fish feeding at once. They certainly got lucky, and what a great day it must have been to be a fish in those waters!

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A Bunch Of Fish Approach This Duckling. The Duck’s Unexpected Reaction Is Priceless!

When is the last time you saw a baby duckling feeding a fish? How about feeding a whole bunch of fish? No? Well, your opportunity has finally arrived. I know you have waited patiently, biding your time as you eagerly await this epic moment that you knew must eventually come.

You put in your time, and now you are rewarded. The cuteness is beyond what you will likely be able to handle, but be strong. You can do it, you can make it through the video without going insane from the adorableness.

The beginning of the video finds a young duckling sitting on some type of thingy in the middle of the water, surrounded by many fishes. The fish are there to tell the duckling secrets, but the duckling must pay for each tidbit with a tidbit of his own, in the form of some weird white powder that I can only assume is food.

Whatever it is, the fish love it and tell so many secrets, the baby duckling can barely contain his joy. With rampant satisfaction, he feeds the fish, providing them with a similar level of contentment.

You may be thinking to yourself, “What if the duck falls in? Will he become eaten by the hordes of fish?” But have no fear, my fellow friend, for these are harmless fish. Their teeth are quite small, like a chicken’s, and will not harm the young duck.

The duck, being a waterfowl, can swim quite well and will easily find solace in safer waters if he does fall in. Plus he can just get back on the thingy upon which rests the delicate bowl of fish powder. Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!

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WATCH: They Noticed Something Strange Happening On Shore. When They Got Closer They Freaked Out!

Sharks have been in the news recently, with two back to back attacks taking place less than a week ago at North Carolina beaches. The Atlantic waters all up and down the East coast hold a wide variety of the ocean’s most feared beasts. Anytime you step into the ocean you are in the shark’s home territory, and therefore must be aware and cautious at all times.

While shark attacks are extremely rare, they do happen. One thing you should do is avoid going into the water at times when they are most likely to be feeding which is at dawn and dusk. Hungry sharks are extremely aggressive and they are smart, fast, resourceful, masters at hunting.

Video of a rarely seen shark feeding frenzy proves these points. A group of fishermen were out fishing for dinner at Cape Lookout National Seashore, which is located in the Outer Banks off of North Carolina. They noticed a commotion in the water that was hard to ignore.

A group of about 100 sharks were attacking a school of blue fish, which had also attracted hungry seagulls and pelicans. For over 5 minutes the sharks furiously swam in and out of the crowded surf. Several managed to even beach themselves temporarily because they came in so close, and a few got extremely close to the people’s feet. The rare sight of hundreds of sharks gathered so close and hunting in a what looks like a pack is crazy to see!

The fishermen watching didn’t want to miss out on a chance to catch dinner so they cast their lines. Even without using any bait they were able to catch some fish and get in on the action. Now they all have an incredible, and quite unbelievable, fishing story to tell.

They fished alongside hundreds of sharks who were beaching themselves and coming in dangerously close to their feet, without any bait on their lines, and still managed to pull in lots of blue fish, some which were “this big………” Check out the awesome video and see the commotion that 100 ferocious, hungry sharks make, it’s pretty neat and unforgettable.

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