WATCH: They Noticed Something Strange Happening On Shore. When They Got Closer They Freaked Out!

Sharks have been in the news recently, with two back to back attacks taking place less than a week ago at North Carolina beaches. The Atlantic waters all up and down the East coast hold a wide variety of the ocean’s most feared beasts. Anytime you step into the ocean you are in the shark’s home territory, and therefore must be aware and cautious at all times.

While shark attacks are extremely rare, they do happen. One thing you should do is avoid going into the water at times when they are most likely to be feeding which is at dawn and dusk. Hungry sharks are extremely aggressive and they are smart, fast, resourceful, masters at hunting.

Video of a rarely seen shark feeding frenzy proves these points. A group of fishermen were out fishing for dinner at Cape Lookout National Seashore, which is located in the Outer Banks off of North Carolina. They noticed a commotion in the water that was hard to ignore.

A group of about 100 sharks were attacking a school of blue fish, which had also attracted hungry seagulls and pelicans. For over 5 minutes the sharks furiously swam in and out of the crowded surf. Several managed to even beach themselves temporarily because they came in so close, and a few got extremely close to the people’s feet. The rare sight of hundreds of sharks gathered so close and hunting in a what looks like a pack is crazy to see!

The fishermen watching didn’t want to miss out on a chance to catch dinner so they cast their lines. Even without using any bait they were able to catch some fish and get in on the action. Now they all have an incredible, and quite unbelievable, fishing story to tell.

They fished alongside hundreds of sharks who were beaching themselves and coming in dangerously close to their feet, without any bait on their lines, and still managed to pull in lots of blue fish, some which were “this big………” Check out the awesome video and see the commotion that 100 ferocious, hungry sharks make, it’s pretty neat and unforgettable.

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