If You Notice Square Waves At The Beach Run Out Of The Ocean Right Away! Don’t Take a Chance.

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We live on a beautiful blue planet, filled with life, stunning landscapes, incredible technologies and vast bodies of water. In fact there is so much water in the oceans, seas, lakes, lakes and rivers that it covers 71% of the earth’s surface. The oceans are filled with beautiful reefs, unique aquatic organisms and lots of mystery that we have yet to truly grasp and understand.

Researchers and scientist all around the world are making new findings every single day. Whether it’s a new species of fish, seaweed, or coral reefs most of the oceans secrets have yet to be revealed! With all this being said, Marine Experts to have a vast knowledge of these aquatic environments even though there is so much more to learn.

Now that summer is finally here, millions of people from all around the world will be heading to beautiful beaches, warm sunshine, nice ocean breezes and soft sand slipping through your toes. The beach is the perfect place to relax, get a nice tan and most importantly destress from all the complications of day to day life.

While going to the beach is one of the most awesome things you can do during the summer, there are major risks that everyone should be aware of to avoid a potential tragedy. One of these risks is something called ‘square waves’ that most people are completely unaware of. Knowing about this type of wave form could potentially save your life and the lives of others!

Today’s story will cover exactly what these ‘square waves’ are and what you should do if you find yourself in the middle of it. For the most part ocean waves come horizontally and directly towards the shore. Although these normal waves are relatively safe, the undertow which can pull you out to sea is something everyone should be aware of. With that being said, in some places the waves coming towards the shore can sometimes form squares or a chessboard like structure.

These waves tend to occur in places where 2 oceans or seas come together. As the 2 separate oceans collide with one another they will begin to make a crossing pattern. While viewing this natural phenomena can be extremely beautiful, if you happen to be in the water when it happens you could find yourself in grave danger, due to powerful riptides which can suck you under and cause a tragic drowning.

The following video will cover this natural phenomenon more extensively, watch it below:

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Boy Was In The Water By Himself! Then THESE Creatures Approach and Creep Up Behind Him!

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It has long been said that Earth’s final frontier is the vast oceans that cover a majority of the planet’s surface.  An estimated 95% of the oceans have yet to be explored and it seems that every time a deep sea probe is sent to the depths, new species are discovered.  From gigantic bus size whales to microscopic transparent shrimps and all the fish in-between, there’s a whole other world under the seas! 

The ocean is certainly filled with creatures of every sort and size, but the one thing universally feared above all else is far and away sharks.  The stealthy apex predators are more than capable of inflicting great bodily harm or even death, and when you step into the ocean, you’re in their house.  Even though shark attacks on humans are rare, every year dozens of people get bit. For one little boy swimming in the Bahamas, he could have easily been among them.  However, a guardian angel of sorts stepped in and brought the boy to safety before any harm could come to him.  

Artem Tkachenko had been flying his drone over a beach in the Bahamas on a sunny December day when he spotted the young boy swimming in shallow water below.  The idyllic scene was interrupted when a school of four sharks approached the child and appeared to be headed straight towards him. Seemingly unaware that he had company, Artem yelled to the boy telling him to run and get out of the water, which he quickly did.  Once the boy had both feet safely planted on the warm sandy shore, the sharks simply turned around and swam off.  

If Artem had not warned the child, who knows what would have happened and it just goes to show how incredibly close encounters between sharks and swimmers often are.  Even when you’re in crystal clear shallow water, just feet from the shore, there could be a shark nearby that you fail to see. Being extremely agile and fast swimmers, they can easily close in on a person before they even have time to react.

Other people who have found themselves in similar situations to what the young boy was in have not been so lucky.  Thankfully, there are several ways to help prevent and limit your risk of ever getting bit by a shark. They include not swimming at prime feeding times, dusk and dawn, not wearing metallic jewelry that is believed to resemble fish scales, and to avoid going in the water if you have an open cut or wound.  For more information on shark attacks and what scientists believe may incite a shark to bite, please refer to the video. It’s always good to arm yourself with knowledge and the points that it covers are quite interesting.     

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend Go For a Romantic Walk Along The Beach. 48 Hours Later They Notice Their Feet Look Strange!

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It was supposed to be a dream vacation, a way to unwind and relax on a tropical beach.  But for one young Canadian couple, it turned out to be a nightmare. Katie Stevens, 22, and her boyfriend Eddie Zytner, 25, of Ontario Canada flew to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic looking forward to making new memories and had high hopes for their vacation.  They checked into the IFA Villas Bavaro Resort which was a short walk from the beach and set out to make the most of their trip.

A few days into their stay was when they first noticed that both their feet were itchy, but they brushed it off as sand flies.  They’d heard that the pesky insects were common in the area and thought nothing much of it. Yet with each passing day their feet grew more and more itchy surely, they thought, it would soon pass. 

Upon returning home to Canada the itching persisted, not only had it gotten worse, but now their feet were painfully swollen and blistering.  It soon got to the point where they had to seek medical treatment, so they headed to the local hospital. The first two doctors they saw were unsure as to what was causing their symptoms.  Frustrated, they consulted a third doctor who finally had a diagnosis for them; it was a parasitic infection caused by larva migrans, more commonly known as hookworms. 

The couple was immediately put on medication to treat the infection, but there was a hang up.  According to Katie, “Health Canada denied out request to receive the medicine we needed to treat our infection and we were forced to get medicine from the States.”  Because it was not licensed in Canada, their doctor had to put in a special request and submitted pictures of their blistered, swollen feet along with it. The response from Health Canada was that their cases were not severe enough, which makes you wonder what constitutes severe!  

Thankfully Zytner’s mother drove to Michigan and was able to purchase the medicine for the couple who were extremely grateful for her help.  Looking back on their trip, the couple believe they contracted the parasitic infection when they went for a walk barefoot on a beach early on during their stay.  Soon after that was when they noticed their feet were itchy and from there it snowballed out of control. Now that their wounds have healed and the infection is gone they won’t be walking barefoot on the beach anytime soon.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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He Was Feeling Something Strange Grab His Leg. He Looked Down and Saw THIS The UNTHINKABLE!

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A couple lucky tourists visiting the beach and sea had an awesome fortunate and surprising experience with an amazing wild sea otter on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada! The once in a lifetime chance rendezvous happened in the seas of Cadboro Bay on the southern tip of the island near the province’s capitol, Victoria, Canada.

The beach was pretty much empty except for a couple people who were happily snapping away, taking pictures of the beautiful picturesque bay, and filming some videos when a sea otter swam into view! Beachgoers naturally started filming the cute little sea mammal as he played around near the shore in his natural habitat.

Thankfully they did because they caught the moment when the curious otter decided to make friends with a man who was wading in the shallow, chilly Pacific waters nearby. The sea otter suddenly swam right up to him without any hesitation whatsoever and began to check him out up close and personal.

The adorable otter swam all around the guy, weaving in and around his lower legs and ankles. Before long he even appeared to be nuzzling the man, who reached down and gave the little guy a couple of friendly pats on the back.

The friendly mammal looked like he was loving the attention and acts just like an excited puppy dog would, he even gently nipped at the man’s leg as they played in the water. The whole encounter lasted just a few minutes before the otter decided he’d had enough and headed back out to sea.

Nevertheless, the brief time that the man and otter shared together definitely left a lasting impression on everyone who was there at the beach that day. The remarkably friendly otter was truly a sweetheart and what an amazing experience it must have been for everyone involved!

Watch the footage below and let us know what you think!

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She Was Having A Normal Day Wakeboarding But Watch THIS Water Next To Her When The UNTHINKABLE Surfaces!

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The day is so clear and the water so blue, that there is an almost unreal quality about the morning, as the Pro-Windsurf La Ventana team takes to the water.  They are on the Gulf of California-The Sea of Cortez, as their boat skimmed the beautiful waters with a young woman wake boarding behind.

The first thing you will be struck by when viewing the footage below, is the skillful ease with which this woman wake boards.  It’s as if the water presents no obstacle to her balance at all.  This becomes more evident as she notices a surprise in the water, before the camera picks up the activity.

When the man driving the boat in the video realizes what is happening in the water he is enthralled.  He accurately predicts what will happen with the incredible footage they are getting; he says to the person behind the camera, “Keep filming…We’re going to make a YouTube sensation!”  He was right, what they capture is beyond anything you could ever plan for.

This really is so amazing and a once in life time experience most of us will never have! I had to watch this over and over I’m just so awe-struck by the whole thing!

Have you ever seen anything like this happen while wake boarding?

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It Looks Like A Normal Boardwalk But When The Waves Come Crashing In Something Strange Occurs!

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In Zadar, Croatia, you can be serenaded by the water as you stroll down the boardwalk. There is an inventive architectural creation which allows notes to be played by the wind of the waves through a tube like structure.

Pipes underlie a set of large marble steps, making the sea organ expansive and majestic. Not quite melodic, the sound is still awe inspiring with its mystical feel and impressive wonder. It is almost as if the Adriatic sea is singing out loud, giving it a playful personality and intriguing communication.

Of course the skill should be credited not only to the artistic water, but to the architect who made the instrument, Nikola Bašić. He built the device as an attempt to beautify the city coast from its rebuild after the Second World War.

The organ provides a break in the monotonous concrete wall that was the sea front repair after devastation. It was opened on April 15, 2005 and is a destination for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

The polyethylene pipes and resonating cavity create a random, yet harmonious, tune. Not the only sea organ to be made, in 2006 it was awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space, which is a biennial award started in 2000 to recognize public space projects.

Competitors include the Wave Organ in San Francisco, California, and the Blackpool High Tide Organ in Blackpool, United Kingdom.

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