She Was Having A Normal Day Wakeboarding But Watch THIS Water Next To Her When The UNTHINKABLE Surfaces!

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The day is so clear and the water so blue, that there is an almost unreal quality about the morning, as the Pro-Windsurf La Ventana team takes to the water.  They are on the Gulf of California-The Sea of Cortez, as their boat skimmed the beautiful waters with a young woman wake boarding behind.

The first thing you will be struck by when viewing the footage below, is the skillful ease with which this woman wake boards.  It’s as if the water presents no obstacle to her balance at all.  This becomes more evident as she notices a surprise in the water, before the camera picks up the activity.

When the man driving the boat in the video realizes what is happening in the water he is enthralled.  He accurately predicts what will happen with the incredible footage they are getting; he says to the person behind the camera, “Keep filming…We’re going to make a YouTube sensation!”  He was right, what they capture is beyond anything you could ever plan for.

This really is so amazing and a once in life time experience most of us will never have! I had to watch this over and over I’m just so awe-struck by the whole thing!

Have you ever seen anything like this happen while wake boarding?

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