She Calls Out To a Creature In The Water! Moments Later It Surprisingly Reveals Itself!

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There is some surprising news in Freeport, Maine;  Kylie Brown has become a mother at the age of five years!  Did you gasp?!  No need, because her child is a duck called Snowflake, whom she has raised from birth.  So why call her a mother, as opposed to a pet owner?  The answer lies in the unique behavior of baby ducklings, known as imprinting.

A young duckling naturally identifies with any animal larger than them, whom they see in their very earliest days of life.  This need not be a mother duck…it could be any larger animal from a different species, including a Human Animal!  That human animal came in the form of young Kylie.

Amazingly enough, a duck who imprints on a human, not only sees that human as it’s mother, but identifies himself as a human!  In the case of Kylie and Snowflake, the understanding of the relationship is reciprocal…Kylie views herself as Snowflake’s mom.  They have been inseparable since they met;  Snowflake sticks by “Mom” Kylie’s side, never venturing away from her.

In this absolutely charming video you are about to watch below, you will hear Kylie interviewed about the activities she does with her “son”.  The interview is conducted by Steve Hartman of CBS Sunday Morning;  Kylie’s seriously innocent responses in discussing her “son”, at one point just breaks Steve up into uncontainable laughter.

You will be charmed and awed by the video, and will also enjoy a good laugh…not at her expense, but at her wide-eyed serious conviction.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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A Bunch Of Fish Approach This Duckling. The Duck’s Unexpected Reaction Is Priceless!

When is the last time you saw a baby duckling feeding a fish? How about feeding a whole bunch of fish? No? Well, your opportunity has finally arrived. I know you have waited patiently, biding your time as you eagerly await this epic moment that you knew must eventually come.

You put in your time, and now you are rewarded. The cuteness is beyond what you will likely be able to handle, but be strong. You can do it, you can make it through the video without going insane from the adorableness.

The beginning of the video finds a young duckling sitting on some type of thingy in the middle of the water, surrounded by many fishes. The fish are there to tell the duckling secrets, but the duckling must pay for each tidbit with a tidbit of his own, in the form of some weird white powder that I can only assume is food.

Whatever it is, the fish love it and tell so many secrets, the baby duckling can barely contain his joy. With rampant satisfaction, he feeds the fish, providing them with a similar level of contentment.

You may be thinking to yourself, “What if the duck falls in? Will he become eaten by the hordes of fish?” But have no fear, my fellow friend, for these are harmless fish. Their teeth are quite small, like a chicken’s, and will not harm the young duck.

The duck, being a waterfowl, can swim quite well and will easily find solace in safer waters if he does fall in. Plus he can just get back on the thingy upon which rests the delicate bowl of fish powder. Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!

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This Duck Waits In The Car For His Little Human. The Duck’s Reaction When He Arrives Priceless!

Nibbles waits patiently in the the front seat of the family car. He is highly alert and on the lookout for the big yellow bus that drops off his best friend at the end of their long driveway. When the school bus comes rumbling down the street, and rolls to a stop in front of the car, Nibbles perks up and begins to get excited. Finally, he sees Jonny get off of the bus and walk towards him. The sight of his best friend causes Nibbles to instantly let out a series of the cutest, most happy, and delighted sounding quacks anyone’s ever heard.

Quacks? Yes, you read that right, Nibbles is a duck, not the conventional dog that you may have imagined. He is a Rouen breed duck, which is a domesticated type that sport beautiful emerald green colored heads with white collared necks. When he was young and not yet hatched his mother passed away. That was when the Toschi family adopted him and taught the young duckling how to wear ducky diapers. That way, he can do what he loves best, spending time indoors with his family and accompanying them on car rides.

Nibbles and 10 year old Jonny have since formed a mutual, close, and special bond with each other. That is clear to see when Jonny gets in the car and plants a series of sweet kisses on the top of his feathered friends head. It’s an adorable and heart warming moment that is sure to make you smile. Forget about a boy and his dog, this story belongs to a boy and his duck.

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What Do You See First – Rabbit Or Duck? The Answer Will Assess How Creative You Are.

Looking at this image, what do you see first? A rabbit? A duck? Many people see both and depending on how fast they are able to see the picture change from duck to rabbit can shed light on how creative of an individual they may be.

The image happens to be a classic optical illusion that has been around for over 100 years. In 1899 American psychologist Joseph Jastrow used it in research he was conducting about perception and mental activity. He found that those who were able to easily change their perception between the two animals had faster working brains than those who were slower and had trouble switching between the two. He concluded that the more creative a person is, the faster they are able to see the image change from duck to rabbit. Therefore, this image can help to assess how creative of an individual you are by looking at 1) what you see first and, 2) how fast you saw it. Try it now!

When it comes to optical illusions, they are all about the eyes, brain, and perception. Specifically, the eyes visually perceive an image which the brain then processes as not fitting in line with or matching the stimulus source that it’s emanating from. In other words, it’s when you look at something and end up seeing something else completely different. You look at X but think you’re seeing Y. Generally speaking, there are many different types of illusions and optical ones, also known as visual illusions, happen to be the most well known sub-category.

This duck-rabbit drawing has re-emerged as one of the most talked about optical illusions online in recent days. Check it out and see how you do!

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