Horrified Kid Is Grabbed Unexpectedly By THIS Bus Driver As The Other Kids Watch In Fear As They Run Out of Time!

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Many people really underestimate how difficult being a bus driver really is. They think they do the same route everyday, run on autopilot pick people up, then drop them off and call it a day. But this really couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have ever sat down and spoke to a bus driver about their job they will tell you there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

First of all, buses for the most part are some of the biggest vehicles on the road and they are much more difficult to maneuver than smaller cars. Second, when the bus is full there are many distractions that can pop up out of no where that the bus driver has to deal with as they happen. Unruly loud obnoxious passengers, people fighting, children misbehaving and screaming all are happening simultaneously as the bus driver does their route and is expected to do it flawlessly keeping everyone safe.

A lot of people really don’t even give a second thought to their bus driver once they climb up those steps and enter the bus. We pretty much just expect to get to our destination, with 0 complications and put a huge amount of trust into a person that we tend to not think twice about. Any veteran bus driver will tell you, that anything can happen at any moment without warning and you have to stay completely vigilant, calm and not let these abrupt distractions put any of the passengers safety at risk.

With this being said this brings us to today’s heroic story about a bus driver who found herself in an emergency situation and she had to act fast before a tragedy occurred. This particular bus driver was an older woman who drove a school bus for a living. She was on her normal school route as the bus began to fill with more and more school children.

As you know, if you ever took the bus as a kid, that things can get pretty rowdy and out of control on the bus. The bus driver has to constantly try to keep the peace, while driving the bus steady and getting to the final destination without any major issues. This one particular day seemed pretty normal, the kids were a little more amped up than usual but it wasn’t too bad. She kept looking back in her rearview mirror every minute or so just to make sure all the passengers were fine.

All of sudden she heard a strange sound coming from behind her, she looked back and one of the kids pointed and screamed he’s choking! For about 2 seconds she had froze not knowing exactly what to do. Luckily her gut instincts kicked in really fast, instead of panicking and completely freaking out, she pulled the bus over as quick as she could, stayed calm cool and collected as she ran towards the young boy who was choking. All the kids on the bus watched in terror as it all unfolded before their eyes! She got behind the boy, remembered her CPR training and immediately began to give the 5 year old boy the Heimlich Maneuver.

The entire horrifying scene was caught on the school buses video camera. Watch the video below to see it all play out in real time:

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School Bus Driver Notices a Strange Thing On The Street. But He Immediately Gets Out and Sprints Towards It!

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The side of a busy highway isn’t safe for anyone.  With the constant flow of cars and trucks travelling at high speeds and drivers who may be distracted, there’s a heightened chance that someone on the shoulder can get hit, seriously injured, or killed.  It certainly is no place for a young child to be and no one ever expects to see a little kid all alone on the side of the highway. 

That’s what one Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver saw one cold December morning while driving her route on the city’s south side.  It was December 22, 2018, and Irina Ivic was driving the city bus when she spotted something shocking on the freeway overpass that she was about to cross.  On the side of the road was a little girl clothed in no shoes and nothing but a onesie. The toddler was wandering around all alone in the freezing cold and Irina knew she had to act fast.

She immediately stopped the bus and sprinted across the busy highway to reach the toddler.  Once she got to the child, she scooped up the crying baby and holding her close, she brought her back to the warmth and safety of the bus.  As she radioed for help a passenger who had witnessed it all took her coat off and gave it to Irina to wrap the baby in.  

When police, firefighters, and transit security arrived they checked the child over and determined she was cold, but safe and sound thanks to Irina’s quick reaction.  In an interview, Irina said that 12 years ago she immigrated to Milwaukee from Serbia where she used to be a teacher. She has a natural affinity for children and has kids of her own as well.  She said that she wouldn’t hesitate to help a child in need and would do it again in a heartbeat.

According to police, the little girl’s mother may have been suffering from mental health issues, which led to her leaving the child outside.  After she was found and checked out, the little girl was reunited with her father and is safe. A commendation ceremony was held in Irina’s honor to thank her for rescuing the child and what could have been a tragedy ended in smiles and feelings of relief.   

Watch the video below for the full story:

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15-Year-Old Spots Young Kid Crying Hysterically On The Bus. He Realizes The Truth and Hands Him Cash!

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Starting off at a new school is always stressful no matter what age or how confident you may be.  Whether going to first grade, middle school, high school, college, or moving to a whole new area, having to navigate your way through foreign buildings and hallways filled with new people on the first day of school is daunting.  On top of being unsure of where you’re going, there’s the ever present social pressure of wanting to fit in overshadowing the whole experience.

High school tends to be the most anxiety inducing time in a person’s life.  There’s so many changes going on all at once and teenagers don’t make it easy on one another.  However, there are many kids out there who really care about their fellow students and who won’t hesitate to help someone in need.  

Fifteen year old Tom O’Brian from Liverpool, England is one of the good kids.  After the first day of classes he was taking the bus home from Holy Family Catholic School and chatting with friends and other students about their day.  Tom soon noticed an eleven year old boy crying at the back of the bus and instead of ignoring him, he asked what was wrong. Explaining through tears, the boy told him how he had accidentally gotten on the wrong bus and was lost.  He had no idea how to even get home and had no cell phone to call someone for help on him.

Tom and two of his friends quickly stepped in to help the younger boy out and they all got off the bus at the next stop.  They were near one of the boy’s house, so they headed there to wait for a taxi they’d called to bring the lost eleven year old home.  When the cab arrived the boy explained that he had no money to pay for it and without hesitating Tom gave him ten pounds to cover the fare.

A fellow student had overseen what happened on the bus and how the group of friends had rallied around the lost boy to help him out.  When he got home, he mentioned it to his mother and she ended up posting about it on Facebook, saying that their thoughtful gesture had restored her faith in people.  She mentioned that if anyone knew the boys or their parents to let them know that they’d raised a great child. The story spread and Tom’s sister eventually saw it and confirmed his identity.  She also said that the school had called Tom to thank him and that he probably wouldn’t like all the attention for doing something that seemed so normal. If only more people shared his mindset the world would be a much better place.

In the end, the taxi driver even heard the story of what happened and dropped the fare money off at the school, saying that it should be returned to Tom.  The lost boy eventually made it home safely as well and figured out the proper bus to take home. It just goes to show that stepping up and doing the right thing can be very easy and rewarding.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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80% Of Kids Under 10 Can Figure Out Which Way This Bus Is Traveling. But Only 20% Of Adults Can.

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A simple picture of a yellow school bus has managed to baffle the internet. People are struggling to answer this one question about it: which way is the bus traveling? Try it now and see if you can come up with the correct answer in a reasonable amount of time, I couldn’t!

Don’t be too worried if you also flunked this seemingly basic question, many adults who try to solve it also fail. In fact, according to the National Geographic TV show Brain Games, more kids than adults can answer it. They asked the question on their show and found that 80% of children 10 years and younger were able to immediately answer the question correctly.

Kids solve this much faster than adults because they tend to automatically look at things from a very logic minded, common sense perspective. They go with their gut instinct and they’ll take the first clue that they notice and make a final decision based off of it. In contrast, adults will often make things more complicated than they have to be.

They have been taught to approach puzzles and problems with a critical eye and automatically look for patterns or sequences to jump out at them. They need to make sense out of all the different clues that may factor in and lead to the right answer, deducing and ruling out options along the way. That’s why adults second guess themselves more often and it takes them longer to arrive at a final answer.

To get the right answer, think what about this picture would indicate the direction the bus is headed. Or look at it from a different approach, with childhood memories of riding on the school bus in your mind’s eye. Think back to when you had to get on and off the bus, what features stuck out to you then and now?

When it finally dawns on you all of a sudden the seemingly impossible to answer question becomes clear and obvious. If you’re still stuck, consider where the doors would be located…and be sure to check out the video!

Did you get the right answer? find out by watching the video below

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This Duck Waits In The Car For His Little Human. The Duck’s Reaction When He Arrives Priceless!

Nibbles waits patiently in the the front seat of the family car. He is highly alert and on the lookout for the big yellow bus that drops off his best friend at the end of their long driveway. When the school bus comes rumbling down the street, and rolls to a stop in front of the car, Nibbles perks up and begins to get excited. Finally, he sees Jonny get off of the bus and walk towards him. The sight of his best friend causes Nibbles to instantly let out a series of the cutest, most happy, and delighted sounding quacks anyone’s ever heard.

Quacks? Yes, you read that right, Nibbles is a duck, not the conventional dog that you may have imagined. He is a Rouen breed duck, which is a domesticated type that sport beautiful emerald green colored heads with white collared necks. When he was young and not yet hatched his mother passed away. That was when the Toschi family adopted him and taught the young duckling how to wear ducky diapers. That way, he can do what he loves best, spending time indoors with his family and accompanying them on car rides.

Nibbles and 10 year old Jonny have since formed a mutual, close, and special bond with each other. That is clear to see when Jonny gets in the car and plants a series of sweet kisses on the top of his feathered friends head. It’s an adorable and heart warming moment that is sure to make you smile. Forget about a boy and his dog, this story belongs to a boy and his duck.

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The Bus Driver Passed Out While He Was Driving So The Kids Reacted Fast By Doing THIS!

One substitute bus driver was very lucky when he got assigned to drive a school bus route in Milton, Washington.  The man was at the wheel ferrying the children to their stops when he lost consciousness.  When he passed out the bus was still moving forward in gear and in danger of crashing into a church.  A video camera mounted above the driver seat captured the moment and the kids quick response to the scary situation.

One boy, Jeremy Wuitschick, immediately jumped into action when he noticed the bus was careening out of control.  He can be seen grabbing the wheel and turning it safely back onto the road.  Then he took the key out of the ignition and stopped the bus.  Meanwhile, another child began CPR on the distressed driver who was having trouble breathing.  He started doing chest compressions and saw that the bus driver’s eyes were rolling back in his head.  At the same time, other children on the bus had called 911, help was on the way.

Thanks to all the children on the bus who took control of the situation no one was hurt and the driver received medical attention.  Even though they were only middle-school aged kids, they all showed incredible bravery and acted rational in the face of a very dangerous situation.  By paying close attention and not hesitating to act, Jeremy truly did save the day.  He was not even old enough to drive at that point but he proved he was mature enough to handle the situation and stop the bus.

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