Nobody Believed My Cat Wakes Me Up Every Day Like THIS. So We Set Up A Hidden Cam To Prove It!

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Every cat owner, lover, and caretaker knows how adorable and funny cats can be.  Whether they mean to or not, our loveable pets seem to always find a way to make us smile and laugh.  That’s part of the reason why people and cats are so close these days, they make us feel happy and loved, even if all they want in return is some tasty food and a warm spot to curl up in.

Just like people, each and every cat has their own personality traits and quirks.  Some cats are vocal and meow a lot while others don’t make a peep, some like to drink water directly from the sink faucet, many will make strange alien-like noises when they see a bird or squirrel outside the window, the list is endless!  

Those examples are all pretty much standard behaviors that you’ve likely seen before. However, the strange habit that Mimi the cat has is definitely not at all common to felines! Mimi is a very pretty dark gray cat who lives with her human companions and a couple of other kitties.  

She looks a lot like a Russian Blue and acts like one too. Every day Mimi wakes up her owners bright and early by knocking on their bedroom door with her back legs at a super high rate of speed. She basically karate kicks the door repeatedly at 100mph until someone eventually wakes from the loud noise she’s making and opens it. The longer it takes, the louder and more insistent her knocks get.  

Mimi also does this whenever she wants a door opened, which is somewhat in line with her Russian Blue heritage.  The breed is very intelligent and are known for opening doors. Mimi’s method is the easiest way to get it done, by having her owner open it while she gets in a leg work out!

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