He Films His Dog Digging At The Beach. When He Lifts Up His Head He Reveals THIS Surprise!

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A day at the beach is best enjoyed by laying in the sun, jumping in the ocean to cool off and swim in the waves, and digging in the sand! Of course, it’s always better when you have a few friends with you to play with, but even if you don’t you can always meet some new ones at the shore.

At least that’s one dog’s easy going approach to beach life and she sure makes the most of it!¬†While there are lots of smart puppies out there in the world, this one is named Sheila. She’s gentle, sweet, energetic, and loves to make new friends on the fly.

One day she was out enjoying a walk down on Guanico Beach in Panama when she decided to suddenly rustle up a new play partner. It was quite easy for her and all she had to do was bury her nose in the sand, dig a hole, and out popped a little crab!

As you can see from the clip, Sheila was absolutely delighted to see her new friend, but the angry little crustacean was not so pleased about being disturbed. The crab darted around aggressively while throwing up its pincers for protection.

Despite all of his posturing, the cute little crab had nothing to worry about because Sheila was extra gentle while interacting with him. She took care to not step on him and while she snapped at it, she never truly went in for a bite, it was all done in fun.

After chasing and bouncing around on the beach with her new friend, the crab finally had enough and put an end to it. All he had to do was stay very still and soon enough Sheila’s attention shifted elsewhere and she lost interest.

All’s well that ends well and no crabs were harmed during the making of this video.

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