Two Adorable Baby Goats Meet The Barn Cat For The First Time

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On the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine there lives a bunch of animals and a very special cat named Moo. Moo is a barn cat who takes her role on the farm seriously. Throughout the day she keeps a close eye on everything going on around her and she takes frequent walks along the perimeter of the fence, patrolling for mice and runaways. Moo is not only the overseer, she is also a caring and loving protector of her animal friends. She instinctively knows when one is about to go into labor and sits with them in the stall when they are close to giving birth.

Recently a goat on the farm did just that and brought some adorable baby goats into the world. The kid goats are the last two that were expected to be born this season and are now about a week or two old and have since been named Lady Bug and Princess Leia.

The curious and energetic youngsters were immediately drawn to Moo and seem captivated by her whenever she comes by. They bounce all around and run up to her, trying to make friends and get a feel for what her and the feline species is all about. And Moo, being a cat, appears to not be all that interested in the two newbies.

Usually when Moo passes by her goat friends she will lovingly greet them by rubbing her tail under their chins. Once Lady Bug and Princess Leia have grown up a little more, and become more acquainted with Boo, she will likely greet them the same way.

For now they are just too boisterous and new to the farm for her to feel one hundred percent comfortable around them. Even so, she plops right down on her side and lets them check her out without any qualms about it. She’s probably done this many times before and soon they’ll all be close friends..

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Mom Tells Girl To Say Hi To Baby Goat, But When The Goat Responds They Can’t Stop Cracking Up

There are few things on Earth that come close to being as cute as a baby goat. The adorable little animals always look like they’re just so happy and having the best time ever. Their playful attitude, combined with their little bitty size, makes them look so sweet and innocent. Heck, everything about them is silly and sweet, which just adds to their preciousness. The same exact sentiments can also be said for newborns and toddlers, they are even more cute!

Do you remember awhile back there was a sudden surge in goat videos online which mostly featured adorable goats yelling and sounding remarkably human-like while doing so? Naturally, it was only a matter of time before a human baby came along and ended up having a little chit chat with a fellow baby goat. As you can see and hear in this video, the dynamic duo got along quite well and were really seeing eye to eye.

In fact, the two kids hit it off right away. The adorable banter back and forth was just flowing out of their mouths and while they may have been meeting for the first time ever, it sounds like they could easily be old friends. From what I gathered of their conversation, it seemed like they share a lot of interests in common! If you love babies and baby goats then you have to do yourself a favor and check this clip out, it’s short, simple, and sweet as can be.

As for why some goats sound so much like humans, no one really knows the answer to that yet. Also, not all goats are able to make the types of noises and sounds that seem more like they’re coming from a person rather than a goat. It turns out that goats are just like people in the sense that each and every goat has a specific, individual, and distinctive voice which is all its own. Some just happen to have voices that resemble humans and those make for some really great, funny, and entertaining videos.

Furthermore, goats apparently yell all the time and for many different reasons, just like most human people of all ages do. Usually if a mother and her baby get separated she’ll call out in an effort to locate the kid, and vice versa. Also, when goats get hungry they get loud and will let you know that they want to be fed ASAP! In fact, they scream and yell even if they aren’t hungry or lost and they can get all riled up just from being handled.

All in all, goats behave very similarly to how young children do and they are just as cute, if not more. See for yourself in this video!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Told Them About Her Pygmy Goat’s Nightly Ritual. So She Caught THIS

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There are few things on Earth that come close to being as cute as a pygmy goat. The adorable little animals always look like they’re happy and having the best time ever. The breed’s naturally small size, combined with their playful attitude, makes them look so innocent and young no matter what age they are at in life.

Everything about them is silly and sweet, which just adds to their preciousness. The young pygmy goat in this video is a perfect example of just how cute they can be. His name is Johnnie and he’s had quite a rough start at life. His sibling died and his mother refused to feed him so now he lives in the house alongside his human roommates who lovingly bottle feed him and show him the way of the goat.

Johnnie is still very young and he’s just beginning to learn how to use his legs and feet. His owner was trying to help him along and so she gave him a short lesson in hopping. The little black and white guy looks on as she leaps and bounds her way across the kitchen floor demonstrating the proper form and technique.

When she doubles back it’s Johnnies turn to try but instead of following her lead he turns around and hesitates. It appears that he’s unsure of himself as his tail starts wagging rapidly back and forth. Maybe it’s in reaction to a case of sudden nervousness or performance anxiety, or he’s just trying to amp himself up.

Either way, once his owner gives him a reassuring pat on the behind and turns him around, he follows her back across the kitchen, leaping and hopping the whole way! The little guy hops kind of sideways since his back legs don’t really fall in directly behind the front ones, but that just makes it all the more cuter.

It appears that he’s a natural at it, regardless of his slightly irregular beginners alignment, and with a little more practice he’ll soon be leaping onto all sorts of crazy things that goats seem to love to jump on. Pygmy goats are known to be very active and playful animals.

They love nothing more than to jump up onto different things, like small vehicles and low roofs. They may be curious and so jump to check things out, or perhaps they want a better vantage point and do it for the view. Other popular videos show them even jumping off of each other, so they must be natural born leapers and performers!

Pretty soon Johnnie will be steady on his feet and he’ll be jumping around like a professional. Enjoy the adorableness below!

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Video: This Funny Goat Licks A Dog. The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless!

Dogs are some of the most patient animals on earth.  We consistently see them showing the zen nature of a Buddhist monk in videos that feature kids with dogs, new kittens with older dogs, and most recently even tortoises pestering pups.  Dogs are so loving it is no wonder they are mans best friend. Dogs give off the most consistent positive energy that is contagious to anyone around them.

In the video below, a rather annoying goat continuously pokes, licks, and prods this extremely patient pup.  A lesser animal would not put up with such shenanigans, but this dog is a saint. The dog stays calm while the goat inspects the stoic pup.  The goat keeps speaking to the dog in goat language, but the dog basically just ignores the banter, and allows the goat to do what he has to do.

It is possible that this relentless goat is trying to pick a fight with this peaceful dog who would rather just turn the other cheek.  Goats are fascinating creatures and they are slowly taking over the internet. They can be cute and precious, while at other times they can be insane and totally ridiculous.

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Baby Pygmy Goat Stands Up For The First Time Then He Does THIS and I Lost It!

There are few things on Earth that come close to being as cute as a newborn pygmy goat. They look like the happiest and most precious baby animals that exist in nature. The two that are in this video are only a couple of days old and have only just begun to use their legs and feet. The little guys wobble around and every now and then they hop sideways. Their care-free dance is so innocent and adorable, and you never know where they are headed or where they will end up!

Pygmy goats are known to be very active and playful animals. They love nothing more than to jump up onto different things, like small vehicles and low roofs, and then they leap off. Other popular videos show them even jumping off of each other, so they must be natural born comics and performers! Pretty soon these two will be steady enough on their feet to get to jumping around, but for now they should stick to solid ground.

Several commentators on the YouTube page noted that the baby goats are possibly being harassed by flies. They dance around erratically because they are trying to get away from the pests and are not yet used to the barnyard annoyance. That conceivable fact, combined with learning how to walk for the first time, results in the baby goats doing what can only be described as what looks like a happy dance. Check it out and please share their infectious happiness!

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This Goat And Puppy Have A Stare Down. I Never Expected The Goat To React Like THIS

Practically everyone loves a good goat video and this one is sure to please even those on the fence about them. It features Pipsqueak, a pygmy goat, and a bunch of white, furry puppies. They all live together on a farm and get to run around outside all day long. The cute animals play freely and mingle with one another, but sometimes it takes a little bit of time and interaction to break the ice when new ones first meet.

Pipsqueak is known as the friendliest animal on the farm and loves making acquaintances with everyone she meets. In this video she can be seen trying to hang out with a group of puppies. She follows them around and attempts to play goat games by butting a couple of the tiny pups with her head. However, her approaches are rebuffed and the puppies, perhaps confused by her actions, choose to only hang out with one another.

Except for Snowflake, the shiest of the puppies, who looks like she adores Pipsqueak and follows after her. Delighted with her new friend, the goat excitedly plays with Snowflake, who merrily chases her new found sister all around the grass.

With the ice now broken, the other puppies take notice and begin to head over to play. In a matter of just a few moments all of the puppies and Pipsqueak are frolicking around with huge smiles on their cute little faces. They romp back and forth, growling in sheer delight, while Pipsqueak jumps up and down every now and then.

These animals saw past their differences and formed an adorable crew. Leave it to goats and puppies to help illustrate what us humans should strive to do. Be sure to spread the joy, lighten the day, and make someone smile by sharing the video!

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