Nobody Believed Her When She Told Them About Her Pygmy Goat’s Nightly Ritual. So She Caught THIS

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There are few things on Earth that come close to being as cute as a pygmy goat. The adorable little animals always look like they’re happy and having the best time ever. The breed’s naturally small size, combined with their playful attitude, makes them look so innocent and young no matter what age they are at in life.

Everything about them is silly and sweet, which just adds to their preciousness. The young pygmy goat in this video is a perfect example of just how cute they can be. His name is Johnnie and he’s had quite a rough start at life. His sibling died and his mother refused to feed him so now he lives in the house alongside his human roommates who lovingly bottle feed him and show him the way of the goat.

Johnnie is still very young and he’s just beginning to learn how to use his legs and feet. His owner was trying to help him along and so she gave him a short lesson in hopping. The little black and white guy looks on as she leaps and bounds her way across the kitchen floor demonstrating the proper form and technique.

When she doubles back it’s Johnnies turn to try but instead of following her lead he turns around and hesitates. It appears that he’s unsure of himself as his tail starts wagging rapidly back and forth. Maybe it’s in reaction to a case of sudden nervousness or performance anxiety, or he’s just trying to amp himself up.

Either way, once his owner gives him a reassuring pat on the behind and turns him around, he follows her back across the kitchen, leaping and hopping the whole way! The little guy hops kind of sideways since his back legs don’t really fall in directly behind the front ones, but that just makes it all the more cuter.

It appears that he’s a natural at it, regardless of his slightly irregular beginners alignment, and with a little more practice he’ll soon be leaping onto all sorts of crazy things that goats seem to love to jump on. Pygmy goats are known to be very active and playful animals.

They love nothing more than to jump up onto different things, like small vehicles and low roofs. They may be curious and so jump to check things out, or perhaps they want a better vantage point and do it for the view. Other popular videos show them even jumping off of each other, so they must be natural born leapers and performers!

Pretty soon Johnnie will be steady on his feet and he’ll be jumping around like a professional. Enjoy the adorableness below!

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