Video: When This Mother Sheep Escaped She Created An Animal I Didn’t Know Existed!

Recently in Arizona a baby geep was born.  Which leads most people to question what in the world is a geep?  Simply put, a geep is the hybrid offspring between a sheep and a goat.  A genetic offspring of the pairing that occurs naturally, without help or interference by humans, is extremely rare in nature.  In 2000 the first officially documented geep was born in Africa.  Records show that since then only a handful have naturally been born at different times and in various locations around the world.

In this instance the adorable baby geep was created by a mother sheep and a father goat.  The owners were completely unaware that the mom, appropriately named Mama the sheep, was even pregnant.  This was because there were no other male sheep around for her to mate with.  When Mama gave birth to the sweet baby girl her owners were naturally puzzled as to who the daddy was.  The little geep was born with goat feet and a typical goat face but she also had a coat of sheep’s wool.

Which led them to figure out that Micheal, a goat, was the likely father. The cute baby was blessed with such a colorful wool coat that the owner’s young son said she looked like a butterfly.  Thus, the baby geep was named Butterfly and has been thriving ever since, so far drinking up all the milk she can get her little goat face into.

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