6 Years Ago a Sheep Escaped and Grew 60lbs of Wool. They Were Stunned But Wait Til’ You See Him Now!

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There once was a Merino sheep named Shrek who lived on a farm in South Island, New Zealand.  When he was four years old, he decided to strike out on his own and so he ran away from home.  Escaping into the surrounding wilderness, he spent his time happily grazing and exploring the beautiful landscape.  To avoid detection he hid in local caves where he knew he’d be safe.  

Shrek’s time in the wild came to an end when he was eventually discovered in 2004.  To say he had changed a bit would be an understatement. When he left, he had been well groomed with a short fleece coat.  When he re-appeared, he was a giant poufy mass of wool. Upon seeing him for the first time after all those years his owner, John Perry, described the elusive sheep as looking like some ancient biblical creature!

While sheep normally get sheared once a year, Shrek hadn’t been sheared in 6 years.  Because Merino sheep never shed their fleece like many other types of sheep typically do, it meant Shrek’s coat simply kept on growing.  Over the years he was at large he produced a whole lot of wool, so much that it weighed 60 pounds. In fact, the amount of wool he had on him was enough to make 20 large men’s suits.

When he was finally sheared, Shrek looked like a shell of his former self, but in a healthy, good type of way.  He could see a whole lot better once it was out of his eyes and he probably felt a lot cooler, not to mention lighter.  At the time of his shearing, Shrek had already become a local celebrity in sheep-mad New Zealand. He ended up meeting the prime minister at the time, Helen Clarke, and the countries national television broadcast his amazing transformation for everyone to see.  Being a sheep of the people, his fleece was auctioned off with the proceeds going to benefit children’s medical charities.  

Shrek’s time in the limelight didn’t end there, he went on to appear in many children’s books and made guest appearances for various charities.  Perhaps the highlight of his fame, and the craziest thing he ever experienced, came two years after his initial TV appearance when he was once again sheared on live TV.  This time however, he got his haircut while on an iceberg that was floating off the coast of Dunedin, New Zealand!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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A Sheep and a Bunny Have an Epic Stare Down. The Results Quickly Escalate Into Something Crazy!

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You have probably heard of dogs herding sheep, but have you ever heard of bunnies herding sheep?  Meet Champis the strangest and unique bunny possibly in the entire wold!  This hilarious little rabbit has a rare talent for sheep herding. He takes his job seriously and does it everyday! I’m pretty sure Champis isn’t sure he’s a rabbit and he clearly doesn’t know how to bunny at all!

His Human Greta Vigren first realized Champis’ talent after the sheep were released after a long winter.  She says, that he just started acting like a good old fashion sheepdog and had no prior training.  He is strictly a sheep herding bunny because he tends to leave the hens alone and treats them in a much more gentle and nurturing way.

According to his human, this bunny is the king of the farm, his ego is completely out of control, and his reign is over the hens and the sheep!

Dan Westman, the man who shot the video and works with sheepdogs everyday exclaimed that very few dogs could do what this rabbit does.  Champis was never taught this behavior and just started doing it on his own.  Maybe he was a sheep dog in his past life?

Have you ever seen a sheep herding bunny? 

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Video: When This Mother Sheep Escaped She Created An Animal I Didn’t Know Existed!

Recently in Arizona a baby geep was born.  Which leads most people to question what in the world is a geep?  Simply put, a geep is the hybrid offspring between a sheep and a goat.  A genetic offspring of the pairing that occurs naturally, without help or interference by humans, is extremely rare in nature.  In 2000 the first officially documented geep was born in Africa.  Records show that since then only a handful have naturally been born at different times and in various locations around the world.

In this instance the adorable baby geep was created by a mother sheep and a father goat.  The owners were completely unaware that the mom, appropriately named Mama the sheep, was even pregnant.  This was because there were no other male sheep around for her to mate with.  When Mama gave birth to the sweet baby girl her owners were naturally puzzled as to who the daddy was.  The little geep was born with goat feet and a typical goat face but she also had a coat of sheep’s wool.

Which led them to figure out that Micheal, a goat, was the likely father. The cute baby was blessed with such a colorful wool coat that the owner’s young son said she looked like a butterfly.  Thus, the baby geep was named Butterfly and has been thriving ever since, so far drinking up all the milk she can get her little goat face into.

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