Baby Pygmy Goat Stands Up For The First Time Then He Does THIS and I Lost It!

There are few things on Earth that come close to being as cute as a newborn pygmy goat. They look like the happiest and most precious baby animals that exist in nature. The two that are in this video are only a couple of days old and have only just begun to use their legs and feet. The little guys wobble around and every now and then they hop sideways. Their care-free dance is so innocent and adorable, and you never know where they are headed or where they will end up!

Pygmy goats are known to be very active and playful animals. They love nothing more than to jump up onto different things, like small vehicles and low roofs, and then they leap off. Other popular videos show them even jumping off of each other, so they must be natural born comics and performers! Pretty soon these two will be steady enough on their feet to get to jumping around, but for now they should stick to solid ground.

Several commentators on the YouTube page noted that the baby goats are possibly being harassed by flies. They dance around erratically because they are trying to get away from the pests and are not yet used to the barnyard annoyance. That conceivable fact, combined with learning how to walk for the first time, results in the baby goats doing what can only be described as what looks like a happy dance. Check it out and please share their infectious happiness!

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