At First This Looked Like A Normal Bird But What He Says To His Girl Is Priceless!

The incredible parrot is one of the world’s most intelligent birds and is among the few capable of imitating human speech. According to wikipedia, studies have shown that some parrots can even associate words with their meanings and form simple sentences, and their brain to body size ratio is comparable to the higher primates. Some are even able to use tools and solve puzzles.

Parrots use a different part of their brain for their higher intelligence than we do. Their cerebral cortex, which is the part of the brain we use for higher intelligence, is very small. But they use an area called the medio-rostral HVC. One parrot, named Alex, was trained to identify, count and answer questions about various objects with a high degree of accuracy. Another, named N’kisi, has a vocabulary of about a thousand words that he is able to use in complete sentences and correct context. He even is able to recognize photographs, name objects and has shown a sense of humor.

The parrots in this video are Rose-Ringed Parakeets, found in tropical regions in Asia and Africa. They are sexually dimorphic, which means the male and female look different. The male, on the right in the video, has the distinctive red ring around his neck. They are usually about 16 inches tall and are very popular as pets. Their ability to adapt has allowed escaped pet parakeets to thrive in cities around the world. Both males and females are able to mimic human speech.

The parrots in this hilarious video had me laughing the whole way through. The parakeet on the viewer’s left repeatedly asks, “Watcha doin?” and then, “Gimme a kiss!” and the one on the right complies!

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