Little Girl Notices Something Strange Moving In Her Yard Behind The House. They Are Now Calling Her a Hero!

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In life it is so important to always follow your gut instincts. Sometimes these feelings can be subtle but your inner compass will never steer you wrong. These evolutionary instincts have been coded in our DNA to keep us out of imminent danger and lead us to safety. Always remember if something doesnt feel right in your gut there is a good chance you should listen to your body.

Which leads us into today’s story which features a 9-year-old little girl named Elysia Laub from Lowell, Indiana. It was a beautiful sunny day, a nice cool breeze was blowing, the smell of freshly cut grass was in the air and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That is until young Elysia felt a strange urge to go outside. She had never felt anything like this before in her life, it was almost as if voices inside her head were guiding her to something special.

When she got outside everything seemed normal so she didn’t think twice about it, found her brother and decided to go swimming in the backyard pool. They got their bathing suits and headed out to the pool to enjoy the beautiful day and cool off in the refreshing water.

All of a sudden a strange screeching or squeeling sound could be heard in the distance. Remember her family lived in Lowell, Indiana a rural area where many people have farms horses, livestock and pigs. Elysia’s family raised their own pigs so at first she just thought it was one of their pigs or piglets causing a little bit of commotion in the bushes.

She walked towards the pink blurry blob in the bushes thinking she would just pick up the young piglet and bring it back to it’s enclosure. She slowly approached it so it wouldn’t run away, but as she got closer the pink blob came into focus! This was no piglet at all it was shaped like a newborn baby. At first she couldn’t even fathom that a baby was just sitting there in the bushes squealing and she thought this must be a doll. This can’t actually be a real baby. Could it?

The young girl sprinted into her house to find her mom. Her mother Heidi was on the phone with her sister on the front porch. Her daughter ran up to her completely out of breath and exasperated telling her mom that there was a baby in the backyard in the bushes!

At first her mom thought it was just her daughter’s wild imagination and there was no possible way there could actually be a real baby on their property. Elysia┬ápersisted and told her mom to follow her so she could show her that there really was an actual baby in their backyard!

Her mom followed her and when they got to the bushes Heidi could not believe her eyes. She saw a tiny sun burned baby with tiny arms and legs fluttering around. She immediately picked up the baby put her in a blanket and called the police. The sheriff and police rushed over as fast as they could.

They brought the infant to the hospital where doctors examined and treated the baby and concluded that the infant was going to be okay and was actually in pretty good shape considering the circumstances. The sheriff and the doctors nicknamed Jane Doe “The Miracle Baby” and said if Elysia hadn’t found her exactly when she did this story could’ve ended in tragedy with the young baby dying.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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