A Healthy Woman Was Cleaning Her House For 2 Hours. Then She Noticed Her Hands and Fingers Turned Dark Black!

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If you own a home or apartment you know that cleaning and doing housework can be a never ending process especially if you have children or pets. Sometimes it seems like the faster you clean up the more the mess begins to pile up. Pretty much everyone in the world has to deal with the annoying task of housework and cleaning a dirty rooms. When cleaning and doing housework it is pretty common to sometimes get small scrapes or cuts that are usually no big deal.

You get a little soap, rubbing alcohol or antibacterial lotion place it on the little wound and go about your day. Our bodies have amazing healing capabilities and usually our natural immunity and defenses can take care of these types of things.

With major advances in modern medicine our human life expectancy is the highest it’s ever been. With all this being said we are not invincible, not by a long shot. Even though we can live longer due to these amazing advances in medicine, our bodies still break down and can be vulnerable to infections and disease.

This brings us to today’s story which comes all the way from Hubei, China. Mrs. Zhang a otherwise healthy 53-year-old woman was just going about her day doing a little tidying up around the house. Mrs. Zhang had no underlying illnesses or diseases. As she cleaned up her house she got a few little scrapes and cuts.

She noticed the small cuts on her hands washed them thoroughly and didn’t think much of it. However 48 hours later she looked down where the small scrapes were and noticed that a bruise was starting to form around the area. Again Mrs. Zhang just thought it was her bodies natural defense and healing process and didn’t think it was necessary to go to the doctor for the bruises that were forming.

Then as the days progressed these strange bruises began spreading throughout her entire hand and fingers. Her fingers were starting to change color and began turning dark and even their shape began to change! Mrs. Zhang was extremely alarmed and immediately made an appointment with her doctor to see what the heck was going on. By the time she got to the doctor her left hand was almost completely black and her right hand was starting to look about the same.

The doctor examined her hands and quickly realized what was going on. Both of her hands were diagnosed with Gangrene! To be more specific it was a form of Gangrene called Dry Gangrene which unlike normal Gangrene does not have an unpleasant odor. However Dry Gangrene can be just as dangerous as normal Gangrene. The blackness of her hands was due to the necrosing or death of her tissues which was literally killing all the cells in her fingers and hands.

The doctor immediately sent her to a specialist at a hospital who was more familiar with this rare condition that was slowly eating away and killing her hands and fingers. At the hospital they began treating her with antibiotics. They also began removing the blackened tissue which must be done to fully recover from Gangrene.

At first she showed some signs of healing but the Gangrene was so aggressive that she will never have full use of her hands and fingers again! Even worse if the doctors are unable to fully remove the damaged tissue her fingers may have to be amputated! Luckily a good portion of her hands were not affected by the aggressive gangrene and she should be able to recover. If untreated Gangrene can inevitably lead to death!

Mrs. Zhang’s story is a good reminder to stay vigilant and trust your gut. If your body is telling you something just isn’t right, trust it and go to the doctor as soon as possible! The worst thing you can do is wait too long and then your disease and infection will become untreatable!

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