They Were Walking Through The Desert When They Noticed THIS Hole. What Was Inside Is UNBELIEVABLE!

There have been many different creative ideas and projections into the future, about where and how people will live.  Will there be civilizations living in space or under the water?  Currently people live in many unique ways throughout the world.  The town you are about to see and hear about in the following video is indeed unique and astounding.

In a South Australian town where temperatures reach an unbearable height of 120 degrees Fahrenheit,  the residents came up with a shocking solution to the unlivable climate. Coober Pedy is the name of the town that surprisingly is devoid of apartment buildings or houses.

The 2,000 inhabitants have made their home underground! They have escaped the unbearable heat of the Outback by creating miles of man-made tunnels, wherein an entire city of pretty normal homes exist for each family.  Unbelievably, visiting tourists even have hotels to stay in.  There are stores that meet their every need, and the homes themselves have all the modern amenities.

The town itself has a history whose roots go back to the soil of the area.  In the turn of the 20th century,  a father and son came hoping to find gold.  Instead they found opal, which to this day has a wide appeal worldwide.  Word of the abundance of opal brought miners who chose to live underground due to the excessive temperatures.

Today more than 1500 homes, called “dugout” houses exist in this underground city.  It is absolutely amazing to see.  It is interesting that generations of families have chosen to stay there and live underground, rather than moving to a more temperate climate.  Do you think you could live underground?  Let us know what you think.

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